Our Day at Holywell Bay Fun Park & Goodbye

Well this has review has been a while coming, mainly because I just didn’t know where to start. During our stay at Trevornick we spent a whole day at Holywell Bay Fun Park which was right next door. Since we visited they have made the decision to close the park, which is sad, but as we spent a whole day there I still thought I’d share it with you.

Holywell Bay Fun Park
I lost track of how many time we went on the Star Cars

As we visited the Sunday of the August Bank Holiday we were expecting it to be packed, and whilst there were a few queues it was nothing horrific. We honestly thought we’d be there for a few hours but L was having so much fun we were there from open to close, 10am to 5pm!

Holywell Bay Fun Park
Look at those faces!!

We enjoyed some food in the cafe on site and some epic ice creams from the ice cream parlour. Just to keep us going and L refused leave to pop back to our tent for lunch!

Holywell Bay Fun Park
Even as an innocent bystander I got wet!!

At four years old there was plenty he could do on his own and even more he could do with an adult accompanying him. In fact it was only two of the larger car rides he couldn’t do, but he happily sat and watched his Daddy turn into a giant kid on the F1’s!!

Holywell Bay Fun Park
Not as much as when we are all on them though, ha ha

We loved the maze and got thoroughly lost, we did find a dragon and the castle in the middle, L even had a go at pulling the sword from the stone. An awful lot of time was spent on the water blasters chasing each other down and getting soaked. The go carts were so much fun and we spent most the day on them.

Holywell Bay Fun Park
We honestly had the best day

It was great to see L doing some rides on his own as well, once we persuaded him he would be OK, we couldn’t stop him. It was so sweet to see. An earlier in the day when we had paid for him to go on a ride but he changed his mind last minute, the staff offered to refund the ride, which I thought was very kind.

Holywell Bay Fun Park
The maze was fantastic

It wasn’t just the rides though. We got to play foot golf which was a real giggle and L panned for gold and not only got some gold to take home but a certificate as well.

Holywell Bay Fun Park
My little knight

We honestly had the most fabulous day and I was really sad to find they had made the decision to close it.

Holywell Bay Fun Park
Panning for Gold

Trevornick still has so much to offer, the golf course, a heated pool, spa and plenty of places to eat, but for us the fun park really made it and it has been what L has talking about since we returned. We would still return, don’t get me wrong, but just with a little sadness in our hearts that we won’t get to go on the cars again, so thank you for having us Holywell Bay Fun Park, thank you for the memories and goodbye.

Holywell Bay Fun Park
Riding high

Disclosure – we were given a day pass to Holywell Bay as part of our stay at Trevornick. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

Holywell Bay Fun Park
Loving life


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