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Our Great Yarmouth Top 5

We love a trip to Great Yarmouth, it’s always a fun day out. Here are our top 5 favourite things to do when we visit. There is so much to see and do this is just a quick whistlestop tour, for the best up to date information I would always suggest heading to Visit Great Yarmouth.

arcades at great yarmouth

It doesn’t matter when we visit Great Yarmouth, a trip isn’t complete without a visit to the arcades. Collecting tokens until we have enough for a cool prize. Summer or winter they are always open and always fun.

A quick 20 minute trip or an hour or more. We all have our favourites, I am definitely all about the classic 2p pushers, L loves the ones where you throw balls at clowns and husb likes the racing games. We definitely have our preferred arcade too, but there are plenty to choose from depending on what you enjoy the most.

sea life seahorse
Sea Life

At the very start of the summer holidays this year I asked L to make a list of all the things he wanted to do. Top of that list was a visit to Sea Life. So off we went. It’s never the longest visit in the world but we were there a couple of hours, L had a fabulous time and we got to just chat and enjoy the sights.

It’s nice to see all the different sea life and we love the funny penguins. Even though we’ve been a lot of times we always learn something new as we read all the information boards or chat to the staff. A highlight this visit was stroking a starfish, I’d never actually done that before!


I have lived in Norfolk since I was eight years old. I have spent my school holidays in Norfolk for as long as I can remember but somehow we had never visited the gem that is Merrivale Model Village until well into adulthood.

I popped in for what I thought would be a short visit with L one very cold winter day and from that point on we were hooked. We have been so many times but still love it. It is exactly what a day in the beach is all about, check out our full review here.

crazy golf fun
Crazy Golf

Now unlike the arcades we have no particular loyalty to any of the crazy golf offerings available in Great Yarmouth, pirates, safari, the strangely eclectic theming of the indoor golf at Windmill Adventure Golf.

It’s not the cheapest of activities but it is one of the most fun. The playing field is as level as it will get on the golf course for me, L is rather handy and the husband plays golf religiously and is very golf, so whilst I could never join them on the actual green, the crazy green is where I shine in all my completely rubbish glory!

the venetian waterways

Walking is always my go to activity. It is good for my soul. A trip to Great Yarmouth isn’t complete without a walk around The Venetian Waterways and then along the front all the way to The Pleasure Beach.

We will stop off on the way and maybe grab an ice cream, or chips, even on special occasions the joy that is a hot donut. Sometimes we’ll pop into an arcade or stop and have a quick ride on the snails. Sometimes it’s just about the walk.

If we don’t head along the front sometimes we’ll go out towards Scratby Sands and enjoy the quietness that it brings, or we’ll wander into the town centre or see if anything is happening at the football ground.

great yarmouth beach
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