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Our Halloween 2020

As you know I’ve been on a quest to find some different ways to make sure Halloween stays fun this year.

I’ve found balloons and cakes and bugs and crafts. I’ve even found mini breaks away and experience days. Halloween is sure to be fun this year and different in many ways. I’m happy that L won’t miss out just because he can’t go trick or treating with all his friends like he wants.

Halloween Craft Pumpkin tealight
Our Pumpkin tealight

How will our Halloween actually look this year though? In some ways it’s going to be the same as every other year. In other ways it’s going to be a bit new.

We started our at home preparations this week by pulling out our decorations. We now have painted pumpkins and crafts from previous years dotted about. Witches and skulls and eyeballs peeking out from every corner. L love Halloween and had a blast decorating.

Hobbycraft Halloween
Our Halloween Tree

Next week I shall start to paint our Pumpkins for the villages Pumpkin Trail. The school have arranged with the village for lots of people to paint pumpkins for the children to walk and find over the half term, not carved pumpkins and no sweets. Just something fun to go and find. We’re going to create Baymax from Big Hero 6, love Baymax, L and I always use the fist bump from the film, so that will be fun and something to look forward too over half term.

Halloween milkshakes

The following weekend we’ll head off to our favourite Pumpkin Patch at Undley, we’ll have fun getting lost in the giant Maize Maze and then we’ll head out to the pumpkin fields to find the perfect pumpkins for carving and probably a few gourds for decorating the front doorstep too.

I’m still planning on popping the carved pumpkins out on Halloween night and lighting it up. I’ll probably also leave out some bagged up sweets just in case other people come out, I can’t stand the thought of upset kids not being getting their Halloween sweets I’m just trying to think of a way that wouldn’t involve lots of touching. Maybe lining up bags on the doorstep instead of lumping them into a big bowl, I don’t know.

Halloween Candles
A few candles to finish the look

We’ll have a spooky Halloween meal that night, I’m thinking mummified pizzas and snake breadsticks, some kind of witches potion to drink and my favourite mint chocolate slime cake for dessert. Then most likely we’;; head out for a walk y torchlight and see what we can see.

Last year the whole village went to so much effort and we had a brilliant evening walking round to see everything. The only difference is that this year there will just be the three of us, last year there were at least 10 kids and all us parents and it was a fabulous night out, There were enough grown we took turns watching the children whilst the others had chance for a chat and a catch up and the kids were just so well behaved and looked great in their costumes.

Pumpkin selection
What a delicious delivery

I’m not sure if we’ll dress up or not this year, I’ll leave that up to L, by the time we’ve bundled into winter coats it doesn’t make much odds if he’s not going to be with his friends for them to enjoy it all. But we’ll see.

It should still be a great Halloween this year and I’ve certainly done all I can to keep it special but without friends there will always be a sadness to it.

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