House sign

Our New House Sign

When we moved into our house many years ago there were several things I wanted to sort out. The house sign being one of them. A solar powered affair, with flowers and the house number. Too small to see from the road and not to our tastes at all.

House Sign
This is the front of our house from the road, we’ve got quite the driveway and you cannot see what the house number is

Life being life, things got in the way. The sign didn’t really bother me, so it has remained. Now we’ve got the plans for our extension and it’s looking like more of a reality I’ve really been thinking about things around the house.

House Sign
Even a lot closer to the house you can barely see the number

One of the things I said we would have to get when the extension is completed is a new sign. One we actually like, one that can be seen by the road to help out the delivery drivers and visitors.

So when UK Sign Shop, got in touch to see if we would like to review a sign I was delighted. I jumped at the chance and despite the fact the extension is still only on paper I have made husb put it up. I love it.

House Sign
We picked a clean slate design in the end, the paint work is such good quality

They offer a fabulous selection of signs. As we are in a 70’s build house, we went for something in between the really modern and the super traditional. I picked a lovely painted slate, with our house number and road name.

Simple, stylish and effective, you can see the number from the road, whoop! I’m a little bit in love with it and am shocked by the difference it has made to the front of our home.

House Sign
It came with all the fittings and was put up quickly and easily

Now, love you all as I do, I’m not sharing my address with you all, so you will notice on the pictures I’ve blocked them out. Hopefully they still give you a good idea of what we ended up with.

Though I was able to see what it would look like before it even arrived, as you can input your details on the website to see what your finished sign will look like.

It sits so nicely, not too big and not too small, I love it

The prices are very reasonable and the choice is amazing. I was impressed by the delivery as well, very fast and the packaging ensured everything arrived in one piece. Plenty of bubble wrap, tape and a nice sturdy, well fitting cardboard box.

The quality of the finished sign is perfect. The paint work is very good and the slate is thick and sturdy. We got all the fittings as well. I honestly love it. The prices are amazing too, really great value for money and so affordable.

Very impressed.

House sign
Our house from the road with the new sign, though I know I’ve blanked out the number you can now see it

Disclosure – I received my sign in return for an honest review.

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