Framlingham Castle

Our Visit to Framlingham Castle

Earlier in the year I treated us to English Heritage membership. To be fair it was a no brainer. Membership for two adults, with L free, is £30 in Tesco Clubcard Vouchers. So it was next to no money. L loves castles, English Heritage have a lot. It’s free days out for a year.

Feeling Calm
Framlingham Castle

I’m going to try to write about all the properties we visit using our membership. What I liked, didn’t like, share some pictures. We’ve already made our money back on the membership, so I am very happy it is good value for money.

Framlingham Castle
I just love this place

Framlingham Castle – Suffolk

We first discovered Framlingham Castle last year. L wanted to go to a castle, desperately wanted to go. Neither husb nor I fancied heading into Norwich and from us it’s quite a way to get to Castle Acre or Castle Rising. So I hopped onto Google and found Framlingham, just over the border in Suffolk. I’m so glad we found it. It was also the first place we visited after we got our membership cards.

Framlingham Castle
There is a lot to look around

I know since our last visit the facilities have been improved with a new cafe. But we haven’t been since that was opened. So I can’t comment on it. I’m sure it will be a great addition though. I liked the cute little snack hut, but it certainly struggled on busy days and was limited as to what it could offer so we have wandered into the village before for a pub lunch. Bathrooms are always clean and offer baby changing.

Framlingham Castle
L loves that he can climb and jump and have fun
The Castle

The castle is imposing and so atmospheric. You can walk all the way around the top of the castle walls and you get some great views. L loves the wall walk. It’s a massive adventure for him.

Inside the castle keep it’s nice and open. There are a few benches and during the summer there are garden games for the kids to play. There are also a few nooks and crannies to explore, which is very exciting.

Framlingham Castle
We really wanted a go on the slide but it was too windy

During our first visit the exhibition area was small but interesting. The last time we visited it was closed as they were working on making it larger. Clearly we need to go again to check it out.

There was also a massive slide from the wall walk to the ground during our last visit, it’s there until October whilst the scaffolding is in place to work on the walls. Due the weather we didn’t get to try it but it looked like fun! Another reason to head back.

Framlingham Castle
We love the walks you can do as well

You can walk around the outside of the castle, exploring a few more parts that are more ruinous and walking around the in the moat. It just adds a little more to the day. There is also a public footpath that starts just by the Castle Entrance and walks you towards the large school the other side of the lake. If the weather is good it is well worth doing as the views back to the castle are fabulous, it is a pleasant walk and doesn’t take too long.

Framlingham Castle
Thumbs up from us both

Opening Times & Prices

Member Free Free
Adult £8.90 £9.80
Child (5-15 yrs) £5.30 £5.90
Daily 10:00 – 18:00

For full details of times and prices please visit the English Heritage Website, these are only a snapshot.

Framlingham Castle
The wall walk is my favourite part


Framlingham Castle is great for kids. There are plenty of areas for them to run around and lots to get their imagination running wild.

We have always found this to be a half day visit, maybe just over if we stop for a full lunch and take a meander round the town.

For me it is the perfect mix of old and new. With a fantastic amount of history and nothing to ‘clean’. It is a proper, old, ruined castle and that is what I love.

I really want to visit again since all the changes, I love that things keep getting improved and it will be nice to have a larger exhibition area, the castle deserves it.

Framlingham Castle
Views from the outside

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