Outdoor entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

There are so many things I love about summer. One of those is a bit of outdoor entertaining. A barbecue with friends. A family get together. Or just eating your lunch in the garden. There are a few things I have found so far this summer that have helped make things that bit more fun.

Outdoor entertaining
Today it was just the two of us, but we still love to do the whole entertaining thing

Outdoor entertaining
Heinz Seriously Good Sauces

Heinz [Seriously] Good Sauces

Heinz has launched four new varieties of Heinz [Seriously] Good Sauces and I am a bot obsessed. They are amazing. A fab addition to a barbecue. An excellent way to make any dish a bit special actually.

They are deliciously smooth and creamy and packed full of flavour. You can get Creamy Chive Sauce, perfect to create a potato salad with. Creamy Pepper Sauce, which is husbs barbecue favourite. Creamy Tomato & Garlic Sauce, which if I haven’t just been dipping carrots straight into it is fab as a pasta sauce. Finally there is the Creamy Béarnaise, amazing with Salmon, barbecued or otherwise.

New Fairy Lights
New Fairy Lights

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting really is the perfect addition to a garden. Easy to maintain. Easy to set up. Practical and beautiful. We have some amazing lamps from Philips as well as the cutest Fairy Lights.

I just love the feel they give the garden and it makes entertaining into the darkness easier.

Outdoor entertaining
Smooz Can

Smooz Can

The Smooz Can from Lighting Direct is a multi colour changing, touch control lamp and bluetooth speaker in one.

You can sit it on a table. Hang it from a tree, using the built in hanging loop. It is the perfect way to add some music, extra light and colour to your garden entertaining.

The sound quality is way better than you would expect for its compact size. The charge lasts ages. If connected by bluetooth you can control the music from your phone or the Smooz Can. It’s got an SD Card slot and loads of colour options on the light. It’s just really good fun.

Outdoor entertaining
Nivea Sun

Nivea Sun Cream

Go on holiday or even a day out and the first thing I think about is sun cream. At home and I really have to think about it. Force myself to remember. I can’t explain why.

It is really difficult getting it onto L. We have tried loads. Currently he loving the Roll On factor 50 from Nivea Kids. I think he likes it because he can get involved.

He will roll it onto his arms and legs and even help rub it in. I obviously do most of it but it is so much easier when he is onboard.

We’ve been using the adult Nivea sun cream. It is nice. Smells fine. Rubs in easily and as yet I haven’t needed to try the after sun so it must be working!

Outdoor entertaining
Great Uncle Cornelius

Great Uncle Cornelius Drinks & James White Classic Apple Juices

I’ll be honest. I don’t often buy these as they don’t last long enough in our house. Honestly we could get through a bottle each in a day. They are all so tasty.

Perfect for those who are driving or don’t fancy an alcoholic drink. Also a great way to make the kids feel included and grown up. L loves his ‘special’ juice. They all come in glass bottles so he feels really spoilt.

Great Uncle Cornelius offer a small assortment of English fine pressed fruit drinks, we love the Rhubarb Refresher, it tastes just like apple juice but with a rhubarb twist at the end. The Great Uncle Cornelius Lemon Refresher is just amazing. Serve over loads of ice and enjoy. Fresh and tangy. There is also a Ginger Refresher if that’s your thing.

Outdoor entertaining
James White Apple Juices, so yummy

The James White Apple Juices are amazing. Pick your favourite apple in juice form or maybe try one of the mixes. I actually had to move where I stored these as L kept raiding the drinks cupboard!

Bramley, Cox, Russet, Apple & Elderflower or Apple & Summer Berries.  The choice is yours. Obviously Apple & Elderflower was my favourite (see below) but they are all good. They make the perfect sophisticated alternative to wine, using filtration techniques borrowed from the wine world. Mmm.

Outdoor entertaining
Belvoir Elderflower Presse

Anything Elderflower 

Nothing says summer to me like the flavour of Elderflower. Elderflower and Lime cider is a favourite of mine but if I’m at home it’s all about Belvoir’s Elderflower Pressé. Hand-made at Belvoir using handfuls of freshly picked flowers, zingy, pressed lemon juice and lightly sparkling spring water, Belvoir’s Elderflower Pressé is a refreshing taste of summer. So much so they have a limited edition Hello Summer bottle!

Outdoor entertaining
See how happy being outside makes him

Disclosure – I received these items so I could try them out. I have only included things I really like and actually use.

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