The BLOK iPad Case from Logitech – Review

Is one of the most expensive things you own also your toddlers favourite play thing? That’s certainly the case in our house, thanks to YouTube and a nice man, Blippi, who sings about tractors and fire engines L loves the iPad. IMG_20160222_090653

In all fairness he’s pretty good with it, he knows to be careful and he knows he can only have it when we say, but he also knows exactly where it’s kept and will often run and grab it and ask to use it.

He will fall, he will drop it and he will use it harder than we would like. That’s life.  And as you will see from the pictures of him after the case was arrived, if the small child is this excited about a new case, you can only imagine what he’s like with the iPad!

BLOK from Logitech
BLOK from Logitech

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Aromaglow Magical Floating Candles from Hochanda

Have you found Hochanda yet? It’s a TV shopping channel that specialises in crafts, lots and lots of amazing crafts.

You can find them on Sky 663 and FreeSat 817 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and on Freeview 39 from 6am until 9pm. I warn you it’s addictive. The kind of channel you realise you’ve been watching for two hours and you don’t know where the time went, well at least if you love crafts like I do!

My quick creations
My quick creations

I was recently sent the Aromaglow Magical Floating Candles set to have a play with and let me tell you, I’m impressed. It is literally the easiest craft I have ever tried, in seconds you will get fab results and there is absolutely no skill required, none! Continue reading Aromaglow Magical Floating Candles from Hochanda

My February Degustabox

Time for my monthly Degustabox feature, if you haven’t seen previous month’s posts, Degustabox is a monthly subscription box, filled with amazing new foods for you to try out. Including new lines from big brands and foods from smaller brands that you maybe weren’t aware of. For £12.99 per box you will have contents worth well in excess of that, get the chance to try something new and maybe even find a new favourite treat. I enjoy getting to try things I wouldn’t normally buy for my family.IMG_20160224_123431

The February box was fab, even more than usual, filled with lots of new things to try, some great drinks and very moorish snacks, yummy. Here’s what I got;  Continue reading My February Degustabox

Things to Know About Working from Home #1

Preparing for meetings with a toddler in the house

When I started blogging two years ago the aim was to help me find a way, any way, to stay at home. I tried a few different things, took a few courses and found myself working as a Social Media Manager. I was able to leave my admin job and am now officially self employed. I thought I would start sharing some of the things I have learnt along the way.

This week I had a meeting with a potential new client, preparing for meetings is important but with a toddler in the house it can be tough!  Continue reading Things to Know About Working from Home #1

Feeling Calm #9

For my birthday I was given a great new book ‘Calm’ and a journal from my friends to help me find some calm in my life and to de-stress a little. I have been writing in my journal everyday and on Wednesday’s I go through the daily highlights I’ve written down and pick out my 10 favourites. 

This week has been all about illness, ugh! I dropped a perfectly healthy child off at nursery on Friday to get the dreaded ‘he’s got a temperature’ call a few hours later. He made it through the day at nursery quite nicely, saving the fevers, coughs, vomiting and general illness for us over the weekend. Yeah, Mother’s Day was a blast I’m lying. Then just as I thought he was getting better my sinuses tried to make my head explode and he went straight back to being ill again.

My Mother's Day gift from Nursery
My Mother’s Day gift from Nursery

The joy of working from home means I don’t have to worry about him not being able to go to nursery and rush around sorting out babysitters and such forth, it just means I’m really behind where I should be this week. Hopefully he’ll be back to normal soon.

So here are my top ten moments from the last 7 days: Continue reading Feeling Calm #9

Our Review of the Motorola Focus 85

For the last few weeks we have been using the Motorola Focus 85 HD WiFi video monitoring camera.

We have had various home cams over the last year or so, so far they have all been static so I was really excited that with the Motorola Focus 85 we could zoom, pan and tilt the camera remotely.

Motorola Focus 85 Camera
Motorola Focus 85 Camera

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Treat Your Mum with a Jelly Surprise

Hartley’s Jelly have created a tasty and fun recipe that you can make with the kids or maybe with a bit of help they could make for mum as a treat on Sunday.

My lovely Hartley's Jelly Hamper
My lovely Hartley’s Jelly Hamper

They kindly sent me through a lovely box filled with some of the bits I woudl need to make up the pies as well as some of their latest latest products, the Fruit in Jelly pots and the new flavour in the 10cal Jelly pots, they also sent some lovely bits for L to make a card for me with.

Art supllies for L, blatan
Art supplies for L, blatantly I took the paint away from him

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Easy Chicken with JD Honey Barbecue Glaze

This is a super easy, really quick chicken recipe that you can serve with chips, mash and veg or just in a sarnie. In fact it’s so easy it barely counts as a recipe! All you need is small chicken fillets, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Honey Barbecue Glaze and some cooking oil.

Jack Daniel's Honey Barbecue Glaze
Jack Daniel’s Honey Barbecue Glaze

In the morning before you pop off to work, or when you’ve got a spare few minutes pop the mini fillets in a zip lock bag, add a generous helping of the JD Honey Barbecue Glaze, seal, shake and pop in the fridge until you’re ready to cook it.  Continue reading Easy Chicken with JD Honey Barbecue Glaze

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