The Dremel Hatch Skyline Kit

Painting with The Dremel Hatch Project Kit

I love to craft. You all know that. This blog is filled with crafty projects. But there are a few things I cannot do. Knitting, crochet, drawing and painting. So I was really curious to see if The Dremel Hatch Project Kit could get me painting a masterpiece skyline.

The Dremel Hatch Skyline Kit
My kit

Here’s what Dremel have to say about the kit

Perfect for crafting novices or skilled hands, the Dremel Hatch Project Kit (RRP £39.99) is an all-in-one product that gives aspiring creatives the tools and inspiration they need to paint and create their own piece of art. Complete with pallet, paint, brushes, a marker, eraser, sandpaper, test wood, London and New York skylines plus another 80 available to download for free, all that’s left to do is create!

Consumers can follow existing templates or use their imagination and freestyle to produce a truly bespoke piece that brings the iconic sights of London, bustle of Tokyo or romance of Paris into their own homes.

The Dremel Hatch Skyline Kit
Opening the box

When my kit arrived I was immediately impressed with the packaging and the weight of the kit. When that much thought has gone into the packaging you just know the content will be a treat.

As soon as the kid went to bed I quickly opened it up and had a little peak. I was excited.

The Dremel Hatch Skyline Kit
Picking a stencil

The box itself turns into your work station, which is a truly awesome idea. The base folds out with enough space for you to work and keep your surfaces protected. The lid sits upright to hold your instructions and even has a slot to hold your phone, so you can use extra light from the flash or even film yourself creating your project.

The Dremel Hatch Skyline Kit
I love the phone holder

This is so well thought out. Not everyone has a space to craft. Not everyone has a decent daylight crafting lamp. Everyone does have a table or floor space that if properly covered is usable and we all have phones.

The Dremel Hatch Skyline Kit
You just get so much with this kit

You also get a great set of high quality brushes, no fibres falling out here. Pen, pencil and eraser. Then you get a couple of bits of test wood. Sandpaper. Transfer paper. Two skyline stencils. Alphabet stencils. Your paint and a little mixing pallet. Oh and lets not forget the wooden ‘canvas’ to paint on which has a hanging rope attached or you can use the wall fittings in the box. It’s all very rustic and I have to say, that wood smell is super satisfying.

The Dremel Hatch Skyline Kit
Painting with kiddo

After enjoying the contents of the kit I actually sat down to do some painting. Because I was using the box as my workstation I was able to start whilst L was happy eating his dinner, yes you can also see a glass of wine on the picture. It had been a rubbish day but nothing that a bit of painting and a glass couldn’t fix. It was very satisfying and relaxing.

The Dremel Hatch Skyline Kit
Work in progress

I had an idea in my head of what I wanted. I’ll be honest it’s not turned out quite as I pictured, but I am so impressed with myself, the end result is not half bad! You can mix plenty of colours with the supplied paint and the brushes allow easy blending between colours, as well as a fine brush for perfect detailing. I tried to stick really closely to the stencil with my paints, but honestly I’m not that good, I should have used the fine liner pen and then filled it in. But overall I’m definitely pleased and I’ll be more confident to try something like this again in the future.

The Dremel Hatch Skyline Kit
My finished New York Skyline

This really is a brilliant kit. I hope DREMEL make some more project kits, because if this is anything to go by they’ll be superb. It is worth every penny. It’s just top notch quality.

Disclosure – I was gifted my kit in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.


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