Paw Patrol Illumi-Mates

Paw Patrol Ilumi-Mates

L loves Paw Patrol. If allowed he watch it from the moment he wakes to the moment he fell asleep. He often enjoys running around the house pretending to be on various rescue missions with the pups, it’s all very cute.

Paw Patrol Illumi-Mates
Paw Patrol Illumi-Mates

When he was offered the chance to review some of the colour change Paw Patrol Illumi-Mates from Spearmark I just had to say yes. It was clear he would just adore them. 

We were sent a lovely little package that included Skye, Rubble, Marshall and Chase. Each pup is individually boxed and comes with a battery already included. The batteries are replaceable, they take those little button cell batteries. If you are worried about using those batteries around children, I know I am, there’s no need with these. The battery is screwed in tightly, just no way even the most ‘adventurous’ toddler would get it out.

Paw Patrol Illumi-Mates
Paw Patrol Illumi-Mates

I managed to get L to be patient enough to let me take some pictures, but once they were out of their boxes they were his. He worked out how to turn them on straight away and was just in love.

Not long after we’d opened them up I found them in his room and he had matched each pup with their picture on the front of his Paw Patrol annual that he had been given for Christmas. He is a very orderly child.

Paw Patrol Illumi-Mates
They Soon found a home

These are soft or cuddly, but a smooth plastic designed to be a little night light. his hasn’t sopped L treating them as he would any normal toy. They come to bed with him every night, actually in bed. They have come out on day trips with us. They are regularly found dotted about the house. Thankfully they are very sturdy.

The battery life is surprisingly good. After a couple of days f near constant use we thought the batteries had run out. They get turned on at night as he goes to bed and left on all night until we get him up and turn them back off. In the morning they weren’t lit. Not exactly a shock. But the next night when he turned them back on there was still some power and there they were changing colour again.

Paw Patrol Illumi-Mates
Time for a cuddle

That is still the case now, a good two weeks later. They aren’t bright and the ‘run out’ very quickly from the point they are turned back on, but it is enough to keep him happy and save me buying any more batteries. Considering the use they get I’m pretty impressed with this.

So whether they are used as a night light, or just as a toy they will be a big hit. L loves his and we couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Well built, sturdy and a very good likeness of The Paw Patrol Gang.

You can buy these from The Entertainer and other good toy shops, they retail at around £10.00 each.

Paw Patrol Illumi-Mates
Making sure they are neat and tidy

Disclosure – we were gifted our Illumi-mates in exchange for an honest review

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