Paw Patrol Puzzle

Paw Patrol Puzzle from Ravensburger

L loves Paw Patrol. Flippin’ loves it. Personally I’m not the biggest fan, I think I take it too seriously. Why can the dogs speak but not the cat? Why are the adults all so inept? Where are Ryder’s parents? But I digress, L loves it and I love puzzles so the latest Paw Patrol Puzzle from Ravensburger was always going to be a hit. Paw Patrol Puzzle

This fun shaped puzzle features all the main pups and has 24 large pieces. Aimed at ages 3+ it didn’t pose too much of a challenge for L btu he really enjoyed it and concentrated on what he was doing, which was a joy to watch. Paw Patrol Puzzle

Mummy that’s Chase’s Paw, that must go here. Look another part of Rubble. More letters mummy, they go up the top.

At its widest the puzzle is approximately 60cm and at its tallest point I would say it is around 40cm, so it’s a good sized puzzle. Most certainly a floor puzzle. I feel I need to add I have not measured the puzzle, just taken a guess, don’t be mad if my sense of size is as bad as my sense of direction!Paw Patrol Puzzle

I like the fact it is shaped, I think it makes it really good fun. Each puzzle piece is sturdy and they have been cut perfectly so they fit together nice and firmly but without being difficult or fiddly for small hands.

The box is sturdy too, which is good as I know this is going to get a lot of use. It’s a great way to spend 15 minutes and keep him occupied without making mess, remaining calm and quiet and actually concentrating on something.

Both L and I have really enjoyed doing this puzzle and I would certainly recommend it. Available from good toys shops for around £10.00.Paw Patrol Puzzle

Disclosure – we were gifted our puzzle in exchange for an honest review

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