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Penguin Pile Up Review

We have been lucky enough to review the latest game from Ravensburger, Penguin Pile Up. It has been an instant hit and I have to admit, this is one kids game I love. Aimed at ages 4+ it certainly holds value for the whole family.

Feeling Calm

It’s such a simple game to play and a lot of fun. You have wibbly wobbly iceberg, a lot of penguins and you have to try to balance them safely on the berg.

You can play as a solo game, by simply seeing if you can get all twenty penguins to stay put, which is very tricky, incredibly satisfying and has kept me going for longer than it should have done. I have certainly had more than one moment telling L he is not allowed to play with the game that is technically his. Oops. Penguin Pile Up

As a multi-player game you divide the penguins between you and take turns placing them on the iceberg, trying to get to the best spots first. The first player to get all of their penguins on the iceberg wins. Simple.

When you first get it out of the box you just need to make the penguins quickly but after that it takes no time at all to set up and the box is large enough to make tidying it away a breeze.

Penguin Pile UpI like that they have thought to add an easy level of play and a difficult level. There is a little card ring that can be inserted into the base to stop the iceberg wobbling quite so much, which makes play for younger children easier and stops them just getting frustrated and giving up.

An individual game doesn’t take too much time at all and I reckon we usually play for about twenty minutes before L is ready to move onto something else, which is a lovely amount of time for him to be concentrating and playing nicely. Penguin Pile Up

I’m really impressed with this simple game and I think the penguin theming holds an all year round appeal, I mean who doesn’t love a cute little penguin, but also makes it an absolutely ideal Christmas present.

Penguin Pile Up by Ravensburger is available from most good retailers and costs around £20.

Disclosure – we were sent our game in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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