Peppa Pig's Family Home

Peppa Pig’s Family Home – Review

When we got asked to review the new Peppa Pig’s Family Home set I straight away said yes. L loves Peppa and has recently really got into games where he gets to be the character and play out little scenarios with his toys.

Peppa Pig's Family Home
In the box

When it arrived the first thing that struck me was how many accessories it came with. Only one character, Peppa, in her pajamas, but this is normal. But then each room in the house had fun bits to play with.

In the kitchen there is a table and chair set. There’s a sofa in the living room. The bathroom comes complete with bath, obviously. Peppa and George’s bedroom has the bunk beds and their toy basket. Upstairs on the second floor you have the study with Mummy Pig’s computer and in the loft there is a mirror and a tricycle. Just so much stuff.

This does lead directly onto my only grudge about the set. The packaging was insane. Everything was tied in, meaning slots have been cut into the floors to allow the accessories to be attached. These holes have nothing to do with the gameplay, just to make it look pretty on the shelf. It’s not so pretty when it’s all unpacked though. It’s hardly a big deal, but also, why did they bother doing it that way. It took me ages to unpack and some of the cable ties were so tight I had no choice but to scratch the plastic getting the scissor under the tie to cut it.

Peppa Pig's Family Home
The house goes with loads of the other Peppa toys that are available

Everything else about the set has been a dream though! I loved finding out that the built-in kitchen units had an opening fridge. L was delighted when he realised the front door could actually be opened. All the rooms are decorated and it’s really quite a colourful set. It looks just like Peppa’s house does on TV.

All of the seats have been shaped so Peppa and her friends can sit in the nicely and was surprised to find that Peppa was jointed. Strangely enough on the same day we received Peppa Pig’s Family Home, L was sent some other Peppa Pig sets. Everything works together and they actually make really charming toys.

Peppa Pig's Family Home
Party in the kitchen anyone?

It’s been a pleasure watching L march Peppa and her friends through the house. Telling them off about not going to bed on time. Playing on the tricycle. Getting them to make breakfast and clear up afterwards! He’s even played along whilst an episode has been on TV which is just too cute.

Peppa Pig's Family Home
L really uses his imagination playing with this

You really do get a lot for your money with this set and I think it’s a great starter piece as it works so well on its own you don’t have to add to it. But what makes it stand alone so well, all the accessories, also means that when you start adding in other characters and other sets, there are enough accessories to support them too.

The set is priced at £39.99 and aimed at ages 3+. You can find out more about the house at and it’s available to buy at Amazon

Peppa Pig's Family Home
It says on the box that you’ll get a lot, but it’s still really impressive

Disclosure – we were gifted our house in return for an honest review

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