Sequin reveal cushions from asda photo

Personal touches with ASDA photo

Well as it turns out the building work was the easy part of the extension. Actually filling the rooms afterwards has been the hard part, especially when we’ve spent all the money on actually building the place! So we’ve been trying to add some personal touches and make it feel homey without spending too much, thankfully ASDA photo had some great products to help.

Personal touches with ASDA photo
Our sequin reveal cushion in rose gold

Out spare room, come office, come craft room has been the hardest room for us to fill as it is brand new to us. OK our new living area is a bit sparse, it has doubled in size, but we already had furniture for it and have been able to move back in and make it ours with relative ease. But the new room has been a different matter.

Sequin reveal cushions from asda photo
Revealing the hidden picture

We sorted out furniture, got a new print for the wall and chose some of our existing pictures to hang. But it still seemed quite clinical and I’m sure it will for a while until we really start using it and living in it.

Sequin reveal cushions from asda photo

So I wanted to add a few bits to make it seem a bit more comfortable and a bit more lived in. I figured a few cushions for the futon would help with that. So I confiscated one from the sofa in the living room and ordered another from ASDA photo. They have taken the edge off the newness and made it a bit more ours.

Sequin reveal cushions from asda photo
Even before we got all the furniture in it made a difference

I opted for a sequin reveal cushion from ASDA photo. For starters they are a lot of fun and the kid loves anything with sequins that he can just push back and forwards, he seems to find it calming. It also meant I could have a cushion for me, with his lovely little face on it, but if people were staying then it would just be a nice rose gold, sparkly shiny cushion. Plus it gave me the inspiration for the rest of my decor. The rose gold, coppery colour of the sequins went so perfectly with the greens we had chosen for the room I decided to get lamp shades and accessories in copper tones too.

Sequin reveal cushions from asda photo
The finished room

I was impressed with the price and quality of the cushion. It arrives perfect, photo side showing and the sequins are almost a little stiff when you first turn them, you also don;t ever get the photo back quite so perfect as the sequins naturally slip a little as they keep on getting flipped over. But that is just the nature of the product and to be expected.

Sequin reveal cushions from asda photo
I am really happy with our sequin reveal cusion

Mainly I just liked that it was on offer, it’s not something I’ve seen before and would make a fabulous gift for someone. Everyone loves a personalised gift. ASDA photo also produce canvases, mugs, photo books, prints and all the other gifts you’d expect from a photo company, all at competitive prices.

I love our cushion and love how it added a bit of life into our new room.

Disclosure – I was gifted my cushion in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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