Personalised Gifts

Personalised Gifts for Christmas

That time of year is here, so if you are looking for some ideas for delicious food and drink gifts you can buy this Christmas I’ve pulled together a few of my favourite items for you.

Personalised Gin & Tonic Glass
Personalised Gin & Tonic Glass

Gin Glass £17.99

Mummy’s Gin and Tonic. Yep. The best gift ever (if you are me). Get your name on your very own, very large, balloon gin and tonic glass.

There will be no getting confused over whose glass it is, or any confusion of the size drink you are expecting. Amazing quality and a fabulous gift. Available from Personally Presented.

Personalised Santa Sack
Personalised Santa Sack

Santa Sacks £19.95 

A great way to keep the kids gifts separate or just to add a bit more magic to the day these personalised Santa Sacks are gorgeous. Personally I just like them to hide that scrappy bit at the base of the tree. L cannot believe he has his very own bag from Santa that is going to get filled up with presents, he’s super excited. Available from Santa Sacks.

Personalised Santa Shot Glass
Personalised Santa Shot Glass


Fun Shot Glass £5.99

At £5.99 this is the perfect secret santa gift. A lovely gift for any Christmas fan, just get their name added onto the front of the glass and you are transported from the horror of a novelty hat or poundshop tat that normally fills secret santa bags up and down the land to a truly thoughtful gift. Available from Personally Presented.

Home Made Bath Bombs from Naissance
Homemade Bath Bombs from Naissance

Homemade Bath Bombs £17.99

It doesn’t get more personalised than you making something yourself. Plus it is fun to do and you can even get the kids involved. Grab yourself a kit and get making. It really is win win. They smell devine, are actually really easy to make and the recipient will not believe how thoughtful you have been. Available from Naissance.

Personalised Photo Frame
Personalised Photo Frame

Photo Frame £14.99

Year are after year we gift pictures of L. Especially to his grandparents and great grandparents. So what better way way to make it really special than popping a lovely picture into a personalised frame. Available from Personally Presented.

The Christmas Snowflake - Wonderbly
The Christmas Snowflake – Wonderbly

The Christmas Snowflake Book £19.99

An adorable story featuring your whole family. You will follow a snowflake on her quest to find home. It is heart warming and just perfect for Christmas. You even get your own snowflake tree decoration at the end. Get cosied up and share this book together to create some wonderful memories. Available from Wonderbly.

Personalised Beer Tankard
Personalised Beer Tankard

Beer Tankard £12.99

I suppose if Mummy gets a Gin glass Daddy should get something for his beer! These classic dimpled tankards are weighty and great to hold. Add the personalisation and it’s a really special gift. Available from Personally Presented.

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Disclosure – I was sent samples of the products so that I could try them. I have only included products I genuinely enjoy.

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