Personalised Rose Gold Necklace next to a yellow flower

Personalised Jewelry from Centime

For the longest time I have wanted to get an item of jewelry personalised with L’s name, fingerprint or date of birth. Just something special I can wear everyday and is special to me. I was delighted to be able to review some of the lovely mom jewelry from Centime.

3 ring rose gold necklace personalised jewlery
I love my necklace

They offer a great choice in jewelry, necklaces, rings and bracelets. You can personalise them all as you wish. I went for a beautiful necklace Mother Necklace with three rings, one for each member of the family intertwined with each other. The prices are great too. My 3 ring necklace is $51. That’s really good value.

Ordering was simple, I got to choose my colour. Rose Gold, Gold or Silver. Add the names to go on each ring. I even got to choose the length of the chain, for which they have a very handy guide.

Jewelry Box
Lovely packaging

Now if you’ve already gone to have a look at their site, and I can’t say I would blame you, I was curious too. You’ll see they are based in America and I am here in the UK. They offer free worldwide shipping. Yes, free! It was quick too.

I ordered my necklace on the evening of the 4th August. They then obviously had to make it, all personalised just for me. Ship it from America over to the UK and it was in my possession 22nd August. Less than three weeks. Amazing. I’m happy with that time frame for anything personalised, let alone something that has to travel half the world to get to me.

Personalised necklace in display box
I do love when thought is put into the packaging

When my necklace arrived I was so delighted. I was straight on What’s App sending pictures to husb and showed it off to everyone at work.

It arrived beautifully boxed and came with simple care instructions. Last piece of jewelry on and first off! The names are stamped into each ring perfectly and it sits just right on my neck. The rings lay perfectly and the length is spot on.

Girl wearing necklace
So happy with my necklace, it looks perfect

I couldn’t be happier with my necklace. It is just what I wanted. I would also happily buy from Centime again. Their service has been great. You are kept informed throughout the process. With plenty of emails to let you know what stage they are at.

10/10 from me. If you love the look of my necklace or also want a personalised treat then I have a treat for you. Just quote ANYWAY20 at checkout and you can have 20% off any item from the Mom Jewelry range.

Personalised Rose Gold Necklace next to a yellow flower
My beautiful necklace

Disclosure – I received my necklace in return for an honest review.

17 thoughts on “Personalised Jewelry from Centime”

  1. I haven’t worn jewellery in a while (little inquisitive fingers!) but this is absolutely stunning. I’d love to get one of these! I love personalised stuff, and they’d make beautiful presents too, – such a reasonable price considering it’s coming halfway across the world! Did the price increase the more rings you added?

    1. I’ve only recently started wearing jewelry again, I still don’t risk earrings, those inquisitive fingers can be quite painful! The prices are great, for personalised especially. A 4 ring necklace is $63 and 5 ring is $75 if I remember correctly, so still not too much at all. Plus there’s my discount code.

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