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Over Christmas there are a lot of extra treats around, wrapping, ribbon and all sorts of other things that are actually quite troublesome for our pets. So Vets Now, who get 41% more pet emergencies than usual over the Christmas period, have created a Pet Emergency Plan as well as some fun videos. 

We have been lucky really, my cat James, however daft he may be has never come to any serious mischief. He has of course climbed the Christmass tree and made a concerted effort to have every single decoration off it. I also learnt my lesson very early on not to bother wrapping cat nip mice and leaving them under the tree, much like a toddler, he cannot resist unwrapping his gifts early!

The only thing he has ever done is get some curling ribbon stuck behind a back tooth, now that took some dislodging and it was very stressful for both of us. But considering what could have happened I count myself lucky.

The practioners from Vets Now have shared some of the more humourous emergencies they have had to deal with.

  1. Jealous of his owner’s Christmas dinner – a 7 year old Labrador devoured a block of stilton, an entire pack of six Mince Pies, a Christmas Pudding and a box of chocolates, all in one sitting.
  1. A 13 year old Jack Russell managed to glue his mouth shut after scoffing a Christmas cracker and toy playing cards, inadvertently making paper m
    Vets Now Emergency Pet Plan
    Vets Now Emergency Pet Plan

    aiche – it really was a silent night.

  1. Intrigued by the twinkling fairly lights, a one year old kitten ascended the Christmas tree to see if these sparkly objects were in fact new toys, unfortunately she ended up with scorched paws, a burnt tongue and consequently no Christmas dinner.
  1. Emergency surgery had to be performed on a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel after it ingested an entire bath towel which was wrapped round a turkey. Luckily, the spaniel made a full recovery, but the veterinary surgeon is still left wondering why the turkey was wrapped in a bath towel?!
  1. Cats can be clumsy, as one cat proved last Christmas when he knocked over a snow globe, and either curious to have a taste, or just trying to clear up the mess he made, the cat ingested some of the liquid inside, resulting in a very poorly pet and an emergency trip to the vets.

    Vets Now Pet Heaven - cats
    This two year old British Shorthair was one of hundreds of moggies who visited a cat’s idea of heaven – the world’s first Catnip Bar – where they indulged in a night of catnip cocktails in an effort to raise awareness of the increased dangers pets face of going to heaven for real at Christmastime, when animal emergencies rocket by 40%. The experience was created by out-of-hours emergency services providers, Vets Now.

In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers that our beloved pets can face during the Festive Period Vets Now have created an emergency pet plan which owners can download for FREE to ensure heaven stays a place on earth for their furry friends.:

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  1. Is there anyone who can recommend the best service among the ones listed here?

    1. I published this in 2013, so likely all the information is out of date now, best contact them directly but as you are based in Australia I can’t see it being much use, sorry x

  2. Great post, very helpful and indeed it’s really important to make sure your extended pet family are well cared for when needed.

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