Petooties – Review

We were recently sent a box full of cute. Literally the cutest little toys ever. Petooties are super adorable little soft toys, mainly dogs but with a fox and cat thrown in for good measure.

Playing with his Petooties

I genuinely didn’t know how L would feel about them. He tends to be a toy with wheels kinda kid, but he loves animals and has a few cuddlies he’s really attached to, so it was going to be 50/50.

This little scruff is my favourite

Because of their small size they make ideal reward type gifts and that is exactly what we did with them. I gave them to him one at a time after he’d either done something great at school or good to bed nicely, something we’ve been struggling with recently.

Playing so nicely

The first morning he woke up to find his fairy Smiffle had left him a tiny little dog toy he was beside himself with excitement, he immediately adored it and wanted to take it to school with him.

Cute Fox

When he got a second they were immediately brothers and he has a larger dog toy that he loves, doggie, who was the dad. Watching him play with them so nicely was super cute.

They have the cutest little faces

Slowly but surely he gained more and more little toys. We’d popped into Tesco one day and he saw a box full of them on the toy display and was begging for some of the ones missing from his collection, little did he know I had more at home so was certainly buying him one, but he had been saving his money and wanted a toy. I offered tractors, I pointed out water pistols, I offered to give him money towards Lego, and still he wanted another Petootie. I think that says a lot about them. I had to break and tell him he had some more at home already!

Asleep with them all in our hotel room in London

I think their small size is brilliant and very appealing to L as he can take them about with him. He packed them all in his rucksack when we went to London, he often has one on his school bag and as a general rule they live on the little shelf by his bed.

Gorgeous dalmation

They have super cute little faces and just enough detail that you can see what breed they are. They are very tactile, incredibly pleasing to hold and just super soft. There is a little Chihuahua, a Dalmation, a Shih Tzu and more.

Stackable and cuddly

Oh and thanks to a juice related incident that shall not be spoken about I can tell you they wash up brilliantly using the hand wash cycle on our washing machine!

I genuinely hope they add more Petooties to the set because I know L would love them.

You can find them at most supermarkets and they are £2.99 each.

Disclosure – we were gifted our Petooties in return for an honest review. All thoughts opinions and images are my own.

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