Playfoam Pals

Playfoam Pals

We have been playing with a great new toy over the last few weeks. Playfoam Pals from Learning Resources are an amazing coupling of surprise collectable and mouldable, squashable, sensory play delight. Playfoam Pals

A pack of two pads costs £6.00 and will give you a great start in this fun and easy world. Each pod contains a small animal toy, there are twelve to collect in the Wild Friends range and the excitement of maybe getting the rare, golden, endangered critter.Playfoam Pals

Unbelievably the first pod we opened had the rare golden critter, though it looks like a cow to me, not sure they are endangered. I do wish somewhere on the packaging it told you which animal the golden creature is. All the others are named, so you know what you are looking at. L loves all his new little pets and we’ve had fun chatting about them and where they come from, so I love that they open up discussions as well as play. Playfoam Pals

The Playfoam itself is an odd foamy, mouldable, colourful, squishy material that you can craft into anything and everything. It is made of teeny, tiny foam balls that are all stuck together. Unlike Kinetic Sand it is genuinely no mess, the little bobbles are big enough to be easily found if they do become detached, everything just sticks back together. Even the glitter in the yellow glitter foam stayed put. Playfoam Pals

It feels really sticky, you expect it to leave a residue on your hands, but it just doesn’t. The only thing worth noting is they can’t guarantee the colour from the glitter foam won’t transfer. Personally whilst we noticed some colour transfer onto the inside of the pods and onto the rest of the Playfoam when L mixed the two colours, I haven’t noticed it on anything important, you know, like clothing or the child. Playfoam Pals

I suppose the best thing I can tell you as a parent about Playfoam is that it doesn’t give me ‘The Fear’. L asks to play with it and I’m fine with it unlike almost anything else I can compare it too. Playfoam Pals

We love Playfoam Pals and I’d happily add them to the Christmas List, perfect stocking fillers. Playfoam Pals

Disclosure – we were gifted our Playfoam Pals in return for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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