Playmobil City Life Rubiish Truck Bin Lorry Garbage Truck

Playmobil City Life Rubbish Truck – Review

Just before last week’s half term break L got a rather large parcel arrive. He was very excited to open it and find some new Playmobil. We really like the Playmobil sets we already own. They are always easy to set up, so the play can start quickly and really nice and sturdy. This time round L has been sent the City Life Rubbish Truck and the first thing he wanted me to write was ‘tell them all I love it!!’

Playmobil City Life Rubiish Truck Bin Lorry Garbage Truck

Now I am going write just a little bit more about this fab truck, whilst it’s a stunning recommendation from an 8 year old you might actually like to know a little more.

There wasn’t too much to do building wise for this one. A couple of bits to click together and then it was done. There were a few stickers to add and some were in very awkward positions so that was a job quickly handed over to me, but L did all of the actual truck construction.

Playmobil City Life Rubiish Truck Bin Lorry Garbage Truck

One of the things L loves is the flashing warning lights on the truck, though he did expect to be able to turn them off, the three minutes automatic run time felt a little long and we kept on trying to switch them off until we realised.

The top section of the cab lifts off so you can move the people in and out. You get two rubbish collectors, in their ard hats and ready to work. There is also a fire extinguisher that sits in the cab and L liked the realism of that as you really would have them in a truck cab. As well as the two people you also get one big wheelie bin and two smaller bins, some little cans, a bottle and some fish bones! I am pleased he got some cute toy rubbish items as it stops him creating his own rubbish, which usually involves shredding tissues and never involves a trip to our actual bin!

Playmobil City Life Rubiish Truck Bin Lorry Garbage Truck

I must admit I had wondered if L was getting a little old for Playmobil but I have been told by him that it’s still really fun and I’ve had the pleasure of watching him play with it over half term which has proved that he hasn’t outgrown it.

This is a great little toy, a nice size, plenty of moving parts and it is well made and sturdy.

This and plenty of Playmobil toys are available at and all good toy stores.

Disclosure – we were gifted our set. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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