This Plus That Equals... Amazing Changes

This Plus That Equals…. Amazing Changes

This plus that equals…. Amazing Changes

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about some of the amazing changes I’ve noticed in my son. Kids grow and change all the time but the last few months he seems to have just flourished and it’s time to make a note of it all before it fades with time.

Peek A Boo
Peek A Boo

Talking – He’s obviously been talking for ages but now he’s picking up words on a daily basis. We can have actual conversations. Now he understands emotions and how to express them. He remembers everything which just amazes me even words we’ve used when he couldn’t express them, now months and months later he uses them. Honestly he is just hilarious.

Play Doh & Pen Birthday Cake
Play Doh & Pen Birthday Cake

Imaginative Play –  He’s been quite good for a while now at taking a toy and creating a game around it. Now, however, he doesn’t need anything. He will just sit there pretending to make me cakes and drinks and then bring them over. Or you’ll see him waving his hands around randomly and he’ll explain he’s catching something. It’s really delightful to watch.

My clever little boy
My clever little boy

Music – He has always loved a good dance with me. He’ll often just present me with my phone and ask to dance. (All my music is on my phone). Now he has started making his own music, with anything, the radiator, pots and pans, his xylophone or mini piano. He will also sing, which is delightfully awful. Clearly I always have to dance along because the tunes are so amazing.

A Boy & His Cat out for Scoot
A Boy & His Cat out for Scoot

Scooting and cycling –  He’s come quite late to the whole scooting and tricycle thing. He’s had them at home for ages but he has been happy just walking his tricycle about. Very recently he’s started to actually pedal. The same goes for his scooter, he’s played with it here and there but over the last month or so he’s got so fast and is enjoying it so much. He has a scooter that has 4 wheels but you can change the configuration and it’s not long before we can drop him down to three wheels, maybe even two.

Rescuing a pteryldactol
My clever boy rescuing a pteryldactol

Personality – His little personality is forever growing. Recently his caring side has really shone through. Forever worried that someone might be sad, mainly his giraffe Gerry, but also us and his friends. He’s also become quite fearful, which I hope is just a stage, he doesn’t like loud noises, has stopped enjoying the mini fair rides he was once obsessed with, traffic, dogs, crowds you name it, he can get a bit overwhelmed. He’s getting very clever too, knowing just how to get what he wants!

Yes I take second place to a giraffe
Yes I take second place to a giraffe

Did your kids go through a really quick series of changes?

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10 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. Amazing Changes”

  1. My little girl is sort of going through this – she’s learning new words each day and it’s wonderful. She’s a late walker but is nearly there. And starting to see the imaginative play is also wonder. A great idea to write about it all so you don’t forgot the amazing changes they go through.

    1. My son was quite a late walker. Then one day he just started. Bam. I got no warning. He’s been a late talker as well come to think of it. It just goes by too quick! Thanks for popping by.

  2. I love that stage where the personality really starts to shine through. My daughter has just turned 11 and already the hormones are making her moody. Not looking forward to these changes lol x
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  3. So lovely to note all the changes in your little boy, will be great for him to read in years to come. I’m so excited about all the changes ahead for my 5 month old but also want him to stay as he is as time goes so fast! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Its amazing how much they grow and change each day! My 2 year old is constantly surprising me. #twinklytuesday

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