This Plus That Equals…. A Very Bad Day

This plus that equals…. A Very Bad Day.

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about my very bad day, well two days. I nearly didn’t write it, but I need to vent.

It’s all going so well– I’ve been feeling great, bar the nasty cough. Super productive. So organised. Really on top of things. Most importantly I’d finally got myself on top of work so I could start pushing for more business.

Losing a client –  Monday evening I found out my main client would no longer needed my services. A year of stable and good work. Yet in under a week it will be gone. It genuinely looks like I’ll have to get a job and give up on my stay at home dream. At the very least pause the dream. The news certainly turned my good day into a bad day.

I'll miss my car for a week
I’ll miss my car for a week

My car is making sounds – Tuesday morning for no apparent reason my car has started making an ominous knocking sound. The kind that definitely needs a garage. The kind that sounds expensive. I actually started to think my car had done it maliciously. The timing does seem a bit suspect. Clearly going to be another bad day.

Being stranded–  I can’t get my car into the garage until Monday. I also do not want to drive my car for fear it will make matters worse. So I’m stranded. I’ve had to cancel plans. It’s a right pain getting anything done. My village has two busses a day. So I’ve got a few more bad days to come.

Why did I bother
Why did I bother

Little things –  Just to top it off I broke a nail and an entire line full of washing got rained on. I have also completely run out of wine and gin. There was also no chocolate in the house. Not normally things that would even phase me, but right now, a broken nail is actually devastating!!

I’m a positive person. But I think I’m allowed to wallow in a pit of despair for just a bit. Right?

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8 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. A Very Bad Day”

  1. I should write more rant posts too haha! hopefully your bad day is in the past now and you are feeling bright and positive this Monday?! thanks for joining #fortheloveofblog hope you can come back next week!

    1. A good rant every now and then is very cathartic! The car is in the garage today so I won’t know if I’m bright and positive until I get the phone call telling me how much it’ll cost! See you next week xx

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