This Plus That Equals…. Christmas

This plus that equals…. Christmas

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. We’re midway through December and it’s nearly Christmas. Christmas is and always has been my favourite time of year. I throw myself into it whole heartedly and now I’ve got L to share it with I’m just even more excited. I’ve already shared my Christmas wishes, but here is a little bit about how I like to prepare for the big day.

We love the Elves
We love the Elves


Love them or hate them, I’m all about the elves in this house.

It’s not about proving we’re some perfect family, or scaring L into being good for a month. Nor is it about creating memories or traditions, though if that happened it would be fine. For us it is about fun. It doesn’t take me much time and I’m not particularly creative with it. It just makes L really happy to tuck his elves into bed every night and to run and find them in the morning.

It gradually builds up his excitement about Christmas and it’s nice for me to do. This morning he planted magic seeds (raisins) into the magic north pole snow the elves had bought with them (sugar). I used an old festive plant pot I had so it looked cute and we watered everything before he headed off to nursery. When he gets home we’ll have ‘grown’ candy canes. It’s going to be epic.

Getting our Elf on at Bluestone
Getting our Elf on at Bluestone

Movies & Books

I love a Christmas movie. LOVE a Christmas movie. There is nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate, my family and a good Christmas movie.

My all time favourite is Elf, it is just genius, but try as I might I can’t get L fully on board with it yet. So we tend to stick to Disney and the like. I don’t care though, I love them all. The cheesier the better. I may have watched the Grumpy Cat Christmas Movie last year, I just hope I catch it again this year.

We also rock out the festive books for bedtime, we don’t have enough for a different tale every night yet, although we are close. But every year he gets some new Christmas books and we love to read them throughout December.

Our mis-matched but perfect tree
Our mis-matched but perfect tree


The 1st of December comes along and the house gets decorated. There’s a wreath on the door, tinsel round the pictures, candles and scents of cinnamon and orange around the house.

Then of course there is the tree. However much I’d love a real tree, for us it isn’t practical, at least not at the moment. So we got a very good artificial one. With warm white lights and a hodge podge collection of mismatched decorations I have collected over the years I couldn’t love it more. My tree tells our story and this year L and I decorated it together and I got to tell him about each decoration as well as add in some new ones.

The only thing I would still love to do is put lights up outside. I think next year I may win this battle as L is so enamoured with everyone else’s outside decorations. So we might just get them next year.

A Chocolate House
A Chocolate House from last year


I love a bit of Christmas crafting. So far this year L and I have made some bunting and an angel for the top of the tree, both of which were ideas from our family advent calendar from Illustries.

Christmas Eve we’ll make our chocolate house together, I’ve never had much success with gingerbread, but I can melt a bit of chocolate.

I’ve got salt dough decorations planned, plenty of baking and I think the present wrapping itself it a craft, if done right.

So one day soon I’ll settle down with all the gifts, all the wrap and ribbons, tags and tape .There will be Bailey’s or Mulled Wine on the go, some Christmas tunes and I will spend a few hours making the gifts look perfect. Wrapping day is one of my favourite days.

Our Home Made Angel
Our Home Made Angel

Visiting Santa

I’m not entirely sure why I persevere with this. The first time we took him to see Santa, he hated it. The second, third and fourth times he went to see Santa he also hated it.

We’ve dealt with queues and tantrums and illness. We’ve made it through each time though. Even f the pictures haven’t been as magical as I would have hoped.

This year went well though, we saw Santa at Bluestone and L thought it was absolutely magical. His face lit up and he actually spoke to him and said a few things he would like. I could have cried. So it has definitely been worth persevering.

Visiting Santa last year
Visiting Santa last year, look at that grumpy face!

I think I prefer the build up to Christmas more than the day itself. What does everyone else do to get ready for Christmas?

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  1. Christmas is such a magical and exciting season.
    So many treats and traditions.
    Its the preparation I lo❤e most.

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