This Plus That Equals... My Favourite Treats

This Plus That Equals…. My Favourite Treats

This plus that equals…. my favourite treats

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. So this week, after Blue Monday and all I was thinking about my favourite treats, little things that make me happy.

Fruity Gin Cocktail
Fruity Gin Cocktail



Well it makes everything better doesn’t it?! I can get quite fussy about my Gin. I like Gordon’s, I really like Bombay Sapphire, Silent Pool is my favourite. The tonic is important as well, although I’m far less fussy about that.

I’m loving the fact that Gin is becoming more and more popular and it’s now easy to get of hold of something a bit special and there are lots of people out there making some really stunning craft gins.

After a long day there is nothing quite like sitting back with a tall glass of Gin and Tonic, especially so when the weather is good and you can do it outside in the sun.

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The £2 Surprise Bag from Flying Tiger

Pretty self explanatory really. It’s a bag that costs £2 and you don’t know what’s in it.

As a general rule I love everything from Flying Tiger anyway, it’s definitely one of my favourite shops to browse. I do find it hard to spend money on myself though, but £2 is barely spending anything, so I will do that.

Then there is the element of surprise, what will I get? Stationery, decorations, sweets, something for the kitchen? Who knows.

It’s not much but I really enjoy the entire experience and it is always £2 well spent.

Festive Hot Chocolate
Festive Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

I have spent all day today feeling rubbish, with blocked sinuses that lead to a truly horrific migraine. But after a lot of sleep I found myself fancying a hot chocolate and so L and I sat down with one each, although his in all fairness was more luke warm milk than hot chocolate.

The sweetness and warmth is comforting and the fact you can get them anywhere and in varying levels of fanciness is very helpful.

If we go all out at home there will be biscuits to dunk, marshmallows and squirty cream. Working next door to a Costa Coffee is proving to be dangerous though, the orange hot chocolate with whipped cream is to die for and after a long day it is the perfect treat.

Olverum Bath Oil
I will get to make the most of my Olverum Bath Oil

A Bath

The simplest of treats, but the hardest to come by due to the it takes to do it properly.

A bath has to be hot, really hot. It has to have bubbles, I like to by unscented bubbles so I can still use some of my favourite bath oil for the actual scent, a candle, book and music are all preferable though not essential.

What is essential though, is uninterrupted time to just soak. That is the hard part to find for me, but I am going to make a real effort to find that time for myself this year. I deserve it.

Happy Wine Mail
When A Friend Sends You Nothing But Wine


Did you know Fizzy Fridays are a thing? I didn’t and considering how much I love a drop of fizz I really should have done.

To be honest though it doesn’t even have to be a Friday for me to enjoy a glass, or two, or three, well let’s face it a bottle of fizz. Cava, Prosecco, Champagne, I don’t mind so long is it’s not too sweet and not too expensive. Lidl have an amazing bottle of fizz which I love but I have found that most wines are way more palatable if they sparkle.

What little things do you kike to treat yourself to? I could do with some new treat ideas 🙂

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6 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. My Favourite Treats”

  1. I love your list of treats, you can beat a G and T, or glass of fizz, and having them in the bath is an even better treat! Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  2. Lovely picks. I love the items from Flying Tiger too! I got given virtual reality goggles from there, for christmas and they are AWESOME!

    1. I so nearly bought them last I was shopping there, wish I had now. I went for the colour changing shower head instead, because I desperately needed one. Ha ha

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