This Plus That Equals…. What I Want for Christmas

This plus that equals…. what I want for Christmas

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. The last few weeks I’ve been writing up my Christmas Gift Guides, 2 have gone live and 2 are scheduled. They are packed full of things that I would love, otherwise I wouldn’t feature them but it did get me thinking about what I want for Christmas outside of gifts. So here they are.

I want it to start on December 1st

I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year. Nothing beats it in my mind and there is always a battle of wills in our house about when I can decorate and get into full Christmas mode. I want the tree up and house filled with decorations at the start of the month. I just do. I think this year will be the year I win.

Christmas Tree
The sooner I can get decorated the better, I love my Christmas Tree

For L to really love it

The older he gets the more he enjoys it. Christmas number 1 he was 2 months old, he so didn’t care. Christmas number 2, he had Scarlet Fever, none of us cared!! Last year for Christmas number 3 he started to get it. He was very wary of the visiting elves though. This year he’s making all the right sounds and I have high hopes for lots of festive fun. I just want to see that build up of excitement in him. The thought fills me with joy.

Meeting Father Christmas
L was less than impressed meeting Father Christmas in 2014

I want it to be relaxed

As selfish as it sounds, and as much as others may judge. I really want Christmas day to just be the three of us, no other family. I want us to wake up, enjoy the presents, have a walk and a delicious meal. No stress, no fuss, no rushing about. There will be enough of that in the days around Christmas, as we visit family and friends and try to fit it all in so no one feels left out. So I would like the big day, my favourite day, to be just us.

Family Selfie
I just want to spend it as a family of three

I would really like some me time

If I were to get just one gift it would be the time to have a bath. A proper bath. One that is so hot it leaves my skin red. One that comes with bubbles and my favourite bath oil. Preferably with wine, a book and maybe even some music. Definitely one that is uninterrupted and if all that could last for around an hour I would be in heaven. As simple as this may sound, the way things are at the moment this is flat out fantasy, but I live in hope of a Christmas miracle.

Olverum Bath Oil
I will get to make the most of my Olverum Bath Oil


My final wish will be the same as it has been for many a year. I would love it to snow. A real white Christmas would mean the world to me. I’ll accept any snow though, between now and spring, whenever, I don’t mind. I just want to be able to build a snowman bigger than a tennis ball with L. Introduce him to sledging on a tea tray and maybe even have a snowball fight.

Snow in 2012
I took this picture in 2012, it’s the last picture I have of a proper amount of snow. We’ve moved house and had a kid since then!

What are your Christmas wishes this year?

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  1. Your Christmas wishes are perfectly reasonable…we had a quiet one last year (just the 3 of us) and it was so lovely!I’m hoping for snow too, my daughter is dying to go sledging! #TwinklyTuesday

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