This Plus That Equals... Little Memories

This Plus That Equals…. Little Memories

This plus that equals…. little memories

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about the little every day things that are actually really special and I want to remember.

Not big things, nothing special or momentous. Just the everyday things, so little, so commonplace, even mundane. The things that actually make us, us. The things I don’t want to forget.

Birthday Cuddles

Sofa Cuddles

Every day, at some point, L will curl up on my lap for a cuddle. He’ll demand I have a blanket over my legs and then sit with my legs making a circle for him to sit in.

It’s like a nest and he can sit there for hours. Somewhat embarrassingly he calls it my hole. So he will ask if he can sit in my hole. That could need some explaining if he ever mentions it to anyone!!

I love it though. The weight of him. His warmth. Just there, every day. So normal but so special to me at the same time.

Going out with boy and cat
Going out for a scoot with boy and cat

A Nice Walk

I love a nice walk as much as the next person. More maybe. But in our house ‘a nice walk’ is L asking to scoot round the estate. It is not a large estate. It is very boring actually and I’d much rather actually go somewhere for a nice walk. A scoot round the estate is what he wants though.

He wants to look in the garden that has a pond in front of it. Or at the ‘elephant’ which is a hippo statue. He likes to stop and read the numbers off the water sluice valve signs.

Invariably we are joined by the cat, which whilst cute adds a whole extra level of stress and requires even more watchfulness. It also often results in the walk being cut short so we can take him home.

None of this matters to  though. It is one of his favourite things, so day after day it’s what we’ll do.

Adventure time
What happens next? I can’t look!


One night, to save me having to read L his very long book of choice for bedtime I made up a little story about an adventure he went on with his toy giraffe Gerry.

Well it stuck. Now I have to make up all manner of short but sweet, adventures. They are ridiculous, made up on the fly, last around 3 minutes and often don’t make a jot of sense but he loves them.

He also believes them. He recounts them to us as if he actually did go to tea with the talking frogs and get angry if he sees a train driver who is not one of Santa’s elves. He wakes up early determined he has heard Mack from Cars honking his horn to take him out for a drive.

I don’t think this phase will last long but it has already created some wonderful memories.

giraffe bed
Making a very good giraffe bed, lucky old Gerry


Gerry has been part of his life since day one. He goes everywhere with L. He is part of the furniture.

So whilst I rarely think of him, over and above obsessively making sure he hasn’t been left anywhere, he is actually a part of nearly every single one of our memories with L.

Having to take Gerry to the zoo so he can see his giraffe friends, or the panic when we found out he had lost a leg at nursery (all stitched back on though), these are quite big things.

But it’s the little moments, like seeing him being cuddled as L sleeps or knowing that any bump or fall is fixed by him that I want to remember and cherish. The smell I’ll happily forget though!

Babycinno Time
Babycinno Time

Cuppa Tea/Coffee

Since the winter L has become rather taken with enjoying a hot chocolate or babycinno. These get refered to as a cuppa tea or as a coffee, depending on his mood.

He has never had a cuppa or a coffee. Each to their own though.

Today he wanted to go out for coffee and cake. We out for a squash and a ham sarnie. He was happy though.

Mainly though I just like to remember the watching how grown he looks as he enjoys his mug of drink and how content he is just hanging out in Costa with me on my lunch break or going out to a cafe with me during the week.

It’s a silly little thing but to me it’s quite special.

It’s funny the little moments I so rarely properly think about are actually so very special to me.

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5 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. Little Memories”

  1. The little everyday things are what I love most too. I think they are the things that I’ll miss as my two grow older so I try to make sure I enjoy them now! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza, hope to see you again next week xx

  2. It’s great to remember all those little things. I find that eventually they get overtaken by other more recent memories. Another great thing about blogging.

    1. It is the little things, I was just sitting the other day with his warm little head resting on me when I stopped to think about how much I would miss that when he was older and no longer cares for my company!!

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