This Plus That Equals... Little Smiles

This Plus That Equals…. Little Smiles

This plus that equals…. little smiles

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about a few things that make me smile.

I was chatting to my husband this morning about the beautiful sunny weather and that even though it was going to be cold today, it didn’t matter. Sun just makes  things better and that got me to thinking about other little things that just make me happy and smile.



Yep, it’s hardly a shock, but sunshine makes me happy. It can be freezing cold, blowing a gale, even raining but so long as it is bright and sunny outside everything just seems so much better.

Maybe it’s all the extra vitamin D who knows. I bet I’m far from alone though. Sunshine makes everything better.

Last week’s flowers, I’ve been treating myself to a bunch just because

Fresh Flowers

I love having fresh-cut flowers in the house. Something about their brightness that makes me smile. Recently it’s been all about the daffodils, at the moment I’ve got some of the flowers from my sister’s wedding.

I have started to make sure I buy myself a bunch of flowers every week now, so that I always have some in the house. It’s just a little treat but it makes a big difference to me.

Finding Money

Now this doesn’t happen often, but there’s nothing quite like opening up a bag you haven’t used in a while or popping your hand into your coat pocket and finding cash you weren’t expecting.

It needs to be at least £1 to get a smile, a note will have me beaming. I don’t know why, it is always my own money and in many ways just goes to show how scatty I am that I can lose it in the first place! Regardless, it is a great feeling.

To do lists
To do lists – Image credit Go Daddy stock image

Ticking Off A To Do List 

Oooo those productive days when you get all the way through your to do list. They are good days.

The days when I get stuff done, still parent and maybe even fit in something fun. I love those days and they make me feel on top of the world. I may even put certain wins on my to do list just to help with my productive feeling. Things like feed the cat and getting up!

A great zoo day
Such a cutie

L Doing Something New or Cute

I love it when he learns something new or does something unexpectedly cute. He told me a looked very pretty in my bridesmaid dress and asked if he could stroke me?! Watching him try out some new dance moves ready to dance at the wedding was cute too. Every new word or action makes me smile.

What little things make you smile?

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6 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. Little Smiles”

  1. What a gorgeous post! I love fresh flowers, in fact I don’t have them in our house enough. They make the place feel so bright and fresh! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza, hope to see you again next week xx

  2. I found myself nodding along to this post! Yes to sunshine, and how beautiful is the sunshine through those lovely yellow freesias? Gorgeous. Thanks for making me smile this morning.


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