This Plus That Equals... A New Year

This Plus That Equals…. A New Year

This plus that equals…. a new year

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. 2017 is here, I can barely believe it, I swear I only blinked and a year just disappeared. I’m not really one for a New Year’s resolution, though I can see why so many people are, nothing like a new year for a fresh start. I just don’t tend to be that organised. I do, however, have a few hopes and dreams for the coming year.

Family Time
Family Time


I’ve made no secret of the fact I have struggled with my return to the workplace. I’m not going to harp on about it more, there’s no need.

Now I’d love to say that my aim for this year is to rebuild my little self-employed business and work from home again, but it isn’t. Now I’d love for it to be the case, I really would, but more than anything this coming year I just want to create some stability.

Husb is looking to change jobs, and he deserves that, but we can’t both do that at the same time. So all I want is to get to a point where we are balancing everything nicely and have some stability. Recently I have been working too many hours and it is a strain, so I need to dial that back a bit, equally we still need the money coming in.

There’ll also be a lot of change if my dear old husband does get a new job, with more adjustment to be made. So this year I just want us to find a bit of stability before I look to chase my dream again. Now I’m not giving up, oh no, not at all, just waiting a bit until the time is right.

My journals
I shall be spending more time writing my journal and being calm


Happiness and quiet

Happiness is different for us all, but for me it’s all to do with family and quietness. Mental peace that is, not actual silence, although there are days where I would love that as well.

I believe strongly in the power of positivity and love the ideas and theories behind mindfulness, something I try to actively follow. Things have slipped a bit though, well a lot. I am most certainly worse of for it and have found my anxiety creeping back in where I don’t want it and noticed a few darker, more depressive tendencies rearing their ugly heads again.

So I want to spend a bit more time focusing on me, not much, just 15 minutes a day to do something for myself. Write my journal, meditate, colour or craft. Just to help me find that quiet and happy place again, the quiet and happy me. With a lot less buzzing in my head.

Aargh how can I be thinking about school – image credit Go Daddy Stock Photo

School Applications

This year I will have to apply for L to start primary school. Something that fills me with dread.

I am not ready for this. How can he possibly be old enough for it to even be a thought I’m having?

I know he won’t actually start until next year, so I’ve got loads of time with him still at home, but I do need to start preparing myself and thinking about where we’ll visit and apply for.

Until recently I just assumed he’d go to the Primary School 500 yards down the road from us, but I know there’s a lot more to it than that, I may look round it and hate it. I hope that’s not the case, but I do need to start thinking practically about things and preparing myself mentally for it. Even with nearly two years until he starts school I don’t think now will be a bad time to start stock piling those tissues.

Cross Stitch
My #CraftNight Cross Stitch that I still haven’t finished


I really, really want to spend a bit more time crafting this year. I had been making sure I carved out one evening a week for it, but that soon got eaten up with other things.

As it’s my only real hobby, other than prosecco drinking, I do need to start spending a bit more time actually doing it. I have stacks and stack of kits to make up. A real hoard of equipment and yet the only time I really do it, is if I have been asked to by a brand for the blog.

This is just foolish and I need to change it, so I will be once again planning an evening a week, where I will craft and I will put it in my diary so that it actually happens.

I don’t know why as mum’s we struggle to carve out time for ourselves, but we do in actual fact deserve it. I don’t have to leave the house, it doesn’t cost any money as I already have everything, but I just struggle to spend the time on myself. I need to get over that.

Making Holiday Memories Devon 2016
Making Holiday Memories Devon 2016


Last year I was lucky enough to spend a week locally on the Norfolk Broads, go to Devon and Wales all with my family as well as a quick trip to Bavaria with some other bloggers.

This year I would love to do a little bit more travelling and maybe even get L on a plane for the first time.

I love getting away and going on holiday, getting to explore new places and have amazing experiences with my family. It does everyone good to get away for a bit and I think doing a bit more is a great aim for this year.

What kind of things are on your wish lists for 2017? I hope everyone has at least one wish, big or small come true for them. Happy New Year to you all.

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