This Plus That Equals... Special Moments

This Plus That Equals…. Special Moments

This plus that equals…. special moments

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about those special moments.

We’ve just had a fabulous holiday, filled with fabulous moments but I’m currently sat typing with L cuddled in right next to me and you know what? That’s pretty special too. So just what makes those special moments?

Feeling Calm
An early morning wake up call


Invariably the little moments I remember the most are filled with laughter.

Getting woken up at 5.30am as he’d seen in a monster in our bed turned out to be a really special. It was filled with giggles and tickles and laughter.

Or whilst we were away and he saw a grumpy camel. Which was actually a sheep. I can’t comment on her grumpiness, it was raining, so probably. It was really funny though and he spent a while pointing out grumpy camels to us.

Feeling Calm
Sleepy cuddles


I’m not sure if these moments are as special to L as they are to me. But whenever he just curls up with me, or really hugs me. They are just the most special moments as I know they won’t last forever.

Tired cuddles, happy cuddles, playful cuddles, comforting cuddles, I’ve hurt myself cuddles or I am trying to get out of doing something you’ve asked by being cute cuddles. I don’t care how I get them. So long as I do get them.

Special Moments
Not even the height of our messiness

Letting go

I’m sure the moments L will remember the most are the ones when his dad and I just let go and act like kids ourselves.

When we are dancing like fools around the house, or all getting covered in paint. When rules are ignored and grown up worries and thoughts are thrown out of the window. For me those are pretty special moments.

The boys hand feeding a Marmoset at Shorelands
The boy’s hand feeding a Marmoset at Shorelands

A touch of the unexpected

One of my favourite moments with L was completely unplanned. We were going to the zoo but he fell asleep in the car, so I drove aimlessly so he could sleep.

When he woke up we were near Elveden so I took him out for lunch at the shops there and we walked the nature trail. It was just all so surprisingly perfect.

Then there was the time he got to feed a Marmoset, that was just plain good timing. Very lucky indeed.

Or the times we’ve been caught in the rain or found a new playground. The unplanned moments can often end up being better than those we have put time and effort into planning.

Feeling Calm
Me driving a dump truck. Another thing I never thought I would do!

Arranging a treat 

To see L’s face when we arrived at Diggerland was amazing! He was so excited and we had a great day. Even if it was all a little overwhelming to start with.

But it doesn’t even have to be that exciting. L is more than happy if I take him into Norwich on the bus instead of driving. He thinks that is a right treat. Or when we go to our favourite cafe for lunch.

So for me, the special moments are everything and anything. So long as everyone is happy, that’s pretty special to me. You don’t have to take time to create amazing moments, just take time to enjoy the everyday moments.

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Bringing up Georgia

18 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. Special Moments”

  1. I love cuddles so much but I very rarely get them so when I do I try and take in every second! God that sounds so cheesy but it’s so true, like you’ve said it will end soon and we will be missing them. Bear is very independent so cuddles usually come with sickness or teething or tiredness, a double edged sword! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

    1. It’s the best isn’t it! Yesterday before I went off to work L, completely unprompted, said Love you moon back. Cried in the car. Obvs. Makes up for when he’s a complete terror

  2. Oh wow Diggerland! My husband really wants to go 😉 these really are the little things that make our lives so special. Especially the cuddles for me. Thank you for linking to #fortheloveofBLOG

  3. I thoroughly endorse trying to find special moments in those that may not at first seem great. I get woken up most nights by my little monkey sneaking into our bed. My husband groans and thinks she shouldn’t do it. I love the extra cuddle and feeling that when she is cold, sad, bored, whatever, she wants to snuggle up with her Mummy. She won’t want to do it forever, so it’s all about appreciating it now. I’ll sleep when she’s older! #stayclassymama

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