Things My Toddler Has Taught Me

This Plus That Equals…. Things My Toddler Has Taught Me

This plus that equals…. things my toddler has taught me

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about the things I have learnt thanks to my toddler.

Glitter Glue Time
I never thought I’d have the patience to do messy crafts with him

Patience – I never thought I had much of it, but having it tested to it’s limits on a regular basis has proven to me that I do indeed have a decent level of patience and it will take an awful lot for it to run out, in fact nowadays the only person I know who has the patience and skills to spend the time needed to push me to (and past) my breaking point is my toddler.

A puddle
Remembering that jumping in puddles is amazing

To enjoy the little things –  If you have ever taken a walk with a toddler you’ll know what I mean. The 5 minutes to get the postbox often takes us 20 because he’s so busy finding things and exploring the world around him. When I actually stop and look with him, and I mean really look, the world around us is amazing and he has made me appreciate these little things again.

But you asked to go on the trampoline
But you asked to go on the trampoline

Hell hath no fury –  like a toddler, I’m sorry to all the scorned women out there but you haven’t got anything on a toddler who has just been given exactly what he requested only to realise it actually wasn’t at all what he wanted. I shall be found one day rocking in the corner muttering ‘but you asked mummy for the yellow drink in the red cup with the purple bits on the side, please stop crying and use your words’.

Mummy and son garden time
But this face makes it all OK

Licking is the only acceptable way to show affection –  I don’t know why this has started but my toddler likes to lick us, preferably on the noses but any bit of skin will do and if he can’t get to any he’ll just lick our clothes. This is apparently toddler boy kisses. I think it’s kind of adorable in a weird way but husb is not at all on board with this.

A party
A pretend party on a Saturday to get him to eat lunch, yeah why not

Acting skills –  If I want him to do something then sometimes I just have to bring out my inner Justin Fletcher, if I’m not as excited as Mr Tumble would be then it just isn’t going to happen. ‘Let’s go swimming it’ll be fun’ just won’t cut it, I have to lay it on thick with actions and preferably a song and dance to get him motivated and out the door.

What life skill has your toddler taught you?

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4 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. Things My Toddler Has Taught Me”

  1. Ah so cute with the licking to show affection, I am and not looking forward to that. The world of a toddler must be amazing, I often wonder what they are thinking – the world must seem massive to them. I think that once we become a parent, we all become more patient and learn to enjoy the little things in life more, as well as really appreciating when they do something new. Thanks for linking up this week at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  2. Love this…we’re only just entering toddler phase but there s definitely licking and the tantrums when she gets what she thought she wanted, but actually now not so much. Brilliant post, made me smile! #thebabyformula

  3. What is it with licking? I never knew this until about two months ago when my toddler decided that was a kiss 🙂 ah and jumping in puddles, best past time ever #TheBabyFormula

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