This Plus That Equals…. Time

This plus that equals…. time

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about time, or lack thereof. As husb has started a new job we’ve gone through another round of changes in the house and once again it is our time that has been most affected.

Family Time
Family Time

Less Family Time

Wow the amount of time we have together has a family has changed a lot recently. A few months ago I was at home all the time, now I’m back in the workplace and a missing some bedtimes and weekends. Husb  has gone from being home by 4.30pm everyday and having every other Tuesday off, to being lucky if he is home for L’s bedtime and not having any extra days off.

Then we’ve still had to fit in family commitments, so in the last 5 weeks we have actually only had one day where it has just been the three of us. It is wearing thin. Thankfully as I had a lot of holiday left to take before the end of the month, I won’t be working any weekends this month. Whoop.

I'm not the only one who is happy with the GTech AirRam
At least I get some help!


I was so happy with how on top of the housework we had got. I had a little list  could tick off everyday with basic jobs every morning and one big job a day.

OK the oven still wasn’t getting cleaned as often as should but everything else, even big jobs like the windows, was sparkling.

Now we are lucky if we manage to get the little jobs done everyday. I’m lucky that L enjoys the housework and likes to help, so I can still get most things done on the days I am home. But the days I am not home, well it’s almost impossible!

I have no idea how we’ll get the garden sorted this year, I mean at the moment the weather is too hideous to worry about it, but come summer I do not want to be living in a jungle.

I’m hoping that as we get more used to the new routine we’ll start being able to fit more in.

Loving the bunkbed
Bedtime on holiday, things have changed so much it kind of feels like this

Change in Routine

My oh my these changes have been a shock to the system. Not just to us but L too. He had struggled a lot with me going back to work and was just getting used to things when husb changed his jobs and things got all mixed up again.

The changes have left him clingy and upset at nursery, which is so sad as we had finally after three years got it sorted. I’m hoping this is just a blip though.

He has also started saying how much he has missed us, that he had lost us all day or that he had been really worried about us. Most of this stems from the bedtime routine having changed so drastically.

He was very used to having both of us, now he often only gets one and there is no routine to who and when.

With husb’s new, longer hours, I have changed my working pattern so that I only work late on a weekend and I have been lucky my work have been so accommodating, especially when I’ve not even been there 6 months. I’m hoping me being home more will help L, but now husb doesn’t know on any given day if he’ll be back in time to tuck him in, so we’ll just have to see.

So very tired
So very tired, we’re all feeling it


We are now tired all of the time. It feels like I’m back in that newborn fog of sleep deprivation.

L has gone through a patch of waking up through the night, another side effect of the changes in his routines potentially. He is also always up by 6.30am, hell he’s usually up by 6.00am.

We are getting to bed later, as an effort to still actually see my husband I wait to have my dinner with him, instead of eating with L. So that means after I have put him to bed I am then cooking, normally this would be done so we all ate together, or at least started whilst he was in the bath or husb was reading his stories. It’s not a massive change but it seems to have shifted thing back an hour.

I don’t know but everything just seems a constant struggle at the moment, we have all been ill but had no time to deal with it. I find myself falling asleep in the middle of the day when I’m at home, I will be playing with L or just having a few moments sitting quietly with him whilst he plays and find that I just cannot keep my eyes open.

I just don’t know why we are so tired, but we are.

My journals
I’m missing my writing

Blog Time

This is really killing me and leaving me anxious. Try as I might I’m just not getting the time I want or need to write.

Husb is requiring a lot of extra attention and as the time we are together is limited the blogging keeps getting pushed. I’m struggling to not feel resentful, but I am, blogging is my only hobby. Everything else fell by the wayside after we had L.

Plus there are commitments that I have made and am now struggling to honour, this makes me feel very anxious and I do not like it.

Clearly I am now taking on less, but I still have to catch up and then I still feel resentful I am missing out on opportunities.

This week will be the first since I started back at work that I have some time at home during the day to blog, so I shall be writing like a crazy thing to catch up!



It sounds like a lame excuse, but a lack of time has made it harder to eat well and carry on dieting. When you are trying to do so much and it all gets on top of you, cooking from scratch is an easy thing to ditch. I am glad though that I was recently sent some of the new improved recipe Purition to test out. I had enjoyed it when I had previously tried it and a quick shake in the morning is very easy to fit in.

Purition a healthy, wholefood protein shake, only using clean and natural ingredients, absolutely no artificial nasties. 70% of the product is made from a blend of seeds and nuts, along with madagascan vanilla pods and other natural ingredients for our flavours. They have added some new flavours to the range as well as some Vegan options. I’ll be honest flavour wise I still couldn’t tell the difference between any of the shakes, they all just taste lovely and nutty, but the texture was improved somewhat and their handy tip to use a hand blender helped with that no end.

It has been nice to start the day with a quick, easy and tasty shake that is also super healthy.

If any one has some amazing time saving tips they would like to share with me I am all ears, as currently I feel like I’m swimming against the tide and I could use all the help I can get!

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8 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. Time”

    1. The lack of family time is a real killer. I had a lot off holiday left to take before the end of the month so I’ve booked some weekend off which will be nice

  1. Oh poor you, things sound very tough! Kids do adapt though so I’m sure the sleep/nursery will settle down soon. Have you tried slow cooker for meals? Then you don’t have to spend time in the evenings. And don’t worry about your blog, sometimes we need to make sacrifices for family time. I struggle with that too as it’s my only hobby but some days I have to just take a break for the good of the family. X #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Hopefully things will settle soon
    New routines take time to adjust

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