Toddler's Favourite Things

This Plus That Equals…. My Toddler’s Favourite Things

This plus that equals…. my toddler’s favourite things

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about the boy and things my darling little toddler loves, apart from he doesn’t! So here it is, my toddler’s favourite things.

Driving his own train at Devon Railway Centre
Driving his own train at Devon Railway Centre (but not enjoying it, obvs)

Trains – Oh my word does this boy love a train, we have mounds of track at home and that is not enough as far as he is concerned. If we go anywhere where a train ride is an option we have to do it. Many a day I have spent loitering at our local train station just so he watch them go by. However, when we were in Devon we arranged to go to the Devon Railway Centre, a haven of trains with rides and toys and more, heaven, right? NO! He cried in the car not wanting to get out as he didn’t want to see any trains. WTF! Don’t worry we bribed him with the promise of toys and eventually had fun, so long as we didn’t mention we were indeed having fun.

Summer Look
Rocking our summer look, with a giraffe down the TShirt

Gerry the Giraffe –  There is no love greater than love shared between a boy and his stinky & digusting toy giraffe. They do everything together, when we go out Gerry has to sit in the hood of L’s coat, unless it’s too warm for a coat when he then just has to be tucked into the back of t-shirt. If heavens above we forget Gerry then there is hell to pay. Sometimes though they will have little arguments, I don’t know what about, I am not privy to such information. When this happens L will put Gerry into the shoe cupboard as punishment, I am not privy to the reasons behind this choice either, L will then tell me ‘Gerry naughty, Gerry with shoes, naughty Gerry’.

Playing on the tractors at Shorelands
Toy tractors are great, an actual tractor though, pah!

Tractors –  Aren’t tractors all toddler’s favourite things? Tractor was one of L’s first words, he loves them and they make for good bribery as their are a lot around us here in the country so I can nearly always promise sight of one. We have a lot of toy tractors, a lot, like really a lot and he even knows all the different types, a backhoe tractor being his favourite. When one of the neighbours had a tractor in their driveway, I think they were removing some trees, I thought the kid might keel over with excitement. Hours I spent with him standing on the windowsill. So I nipped out and asked the driver if L could climb up in the cab and they said yes I thought that would give me some major cool mum points, but no, he wouldn’t leave the house immediately denying all knowledge of the existence of tractors.

Minion Ice Cream
Minion Ice Cream’s were only acceptable when I explained that Minion’s travel by rocket

Rocket Ice Lollies –  L is currently obsessed with Rocket Ice Lollies, if we go somewhere that doesn’t have them (or something we can pass off as one) then he is deeply unhappy, I we run out of them at home, well that is simply unacceptable and I am made aware of my failings as a mother. In fact the only time he does not enjoy a rocket ice lolly is when I insist he has to eat his lunch or tea before he can have an ice lolly, if he negotiations of ‘mummy rocket first’ don’t work then he will quite simply refuse to eat anything, no dinner and no rocket lolly. Eventually he gets hungry and backs down but will often still take out any residual rage on the rocket lolly and still refuse any offering of it.

Noooo! Don't eat it
Noooo! Don’t eat it

Sand –  one of my toddler’s favourite things is sadly one of my most hated things, sand! Now I don’t anything against sand itself, just the grubbiness of it, it never stays clean for more than 5 seconds and it often gets eaten and that sound, eurgh. L loves it though and will play with it any chance he gets, even if it’s not sand, a bit of loose gravel whilst we’re out and about will do. He loves to throw it. Dig in it. Hide stuff. Make things. Just generally have a darn good time playing with it. If, however, we are at the beach then we have to practically force him to play with the sand. Maybe it’s because there’s so much of it, maybe it’s because we want him to play at the beach we have taken him too, maybe it’s because he is a toddler and he allowed to hate the things he loves sometimes, who knows.

What about your kids, what things do you toddler’s love?

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2 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. My Toddler’s Favourite Things”

  1. This is hilarious! The mysterious minds of toddlers… My little boy is 17 months and loves many of the things your son does – tractors, sand, trains. Luckily we haven’t reached the stage where we have to fall out of love yet though! I love how the naughty giraffe ends up in the shoe cupboard… where do they think these things up?!

    1. I’m genuinely concerned he’ll put his naughty giraffe in a cupboard at nursery and they’ll think he did it because I lock him in cupboards at home or something! Which just to be clear, I do not. Xx

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