This Plus That Equals…. My Top Tired Games

This plus that equals…. my top tired games

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about the ways I keep L entertained when I am beyond tired and don’t really have the energy to parent. These are also good when you’re ill.

Having spent all weekend at my sister’s hen party I needed all of these today as at points I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Birthday Cuddles
Why wouldn’t I trick him into extra cuddles?

Teddy Bear Game

Now I only discovered this a few weeks ago. But I have persuaded him that he is my teddy bear and I need to cuddle him so I can get to sleep.

He thinks this is a game and squirms and giggles but is essentially still and I can get several 5 minute bursts of peace. It is worth it.

It has also had the sweet side affect of him calling me Mummy Teddy Bear. I adore this.

Mummy rest, hide with Gerry Giraffe
Getting climbed on by a child and a giraffe

Mountain Climbing


I will lay on the floor and he will climb over me, It is not comfortable, or much fun for me, but it involves absolutely no input on my part. None.

Quite frankly it’s not like I wouldn’t have my head stood on at some point through out the day anyway. I would be prepared to put money on me receiving at least one toddler related injury during the day, so at least this way I know when it’s coming.

Playing Trains
Playing Trains


L has finally reached the stage where he can quite happily and constructively play by himself. Hurrah!!

Currently his favourite things is to play with his wooden toy train set. So long as I help set up a decent track he will then play by himself for a while.

This leaves me free to do housework or nap on the sofa.

Dog Stickers Baker Ross
There are reasons why I have bags of stickers in the house


This is not my favourite due to the level of clear up involved. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

A pack of stickers will provide a good 30 minutes of entertainment, the furniture, cat and myself are all fair targets but again it doesn’t take much energy on my part.

My top tip is to peel away the blank bits of sticker paper first, leaving only the stickers themselves on the sheet. This way it’s easy for the child to get to the stickers and you can retreat with a cup of tea.

The Gtech AirRam K9, it's childsplay
He does enjoy to help


This is a handy little game. But I will get L to help me with the housework and he does think it is a game.

Now it doesn’t help me rest, not at all. So why do I like it?

Well if he is helping me clean he is not trying to pull my attention elsewhere, which saves a lot of time and removes the whining that I cannot stand.

He is also actually quite helpful at the moment, so can do a half decent job of the vacuuming whilst do something else and it does genuinely save time.

It also makes him weirdly happy and I’m pretty certain it isn’t classed as child labour, so why not!!

What ‘games’ do you play with your kids when you are tired? I’m always after new inspiration.

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