This Plus That Equals... A Weekend Off

This Plus That Equals…. A Weekend Off

This plus that equals…. A Weekend Off

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week is all about the joys of a weekend off.

Not a weekend off work, although that happened as well. No, the heady joys of a weekend off parenting.

Weekend Off
Castle Acre Priory


The little man spent two nights sleeping at his grandparents. This meant we got two nights of actual sleep. No early morning wake up calls for us. Oh no.

It was so good.  Just getting to lounge for a bit and not leap straight out of bed to start parenting.

Weekend Off
Castle Rising

Days Out

We’ve recently used our Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to buy English Heritage Membership for the family.  So we made the most of it. On Saturday Husb and I visited Castle Acre Priory, then we headed to Castle Rising, followed up with a walk at Hunstanton and hot donuts. Sunday saw us visiting Audley End, which was just fantastic, so beautiful and with a really interesting history.

All these places we would have happily taken L to, in fact we probably will. What was so nice about visiting them on a weekend off was the ability to actually read the information boards, take our time and see the things we wanted to see.

Weekend Off
Audley End

Eating Out 

We actually went out in the evening. The two of us. Together.

We got to eat at a grown up time, enjoying grown up food, with other grown ups. Something I never thought I’d view as a treat.

We visited Nick’s Diner, which had been on our list for a while. Husb had a fab homemade beef burger, my vegetarian option was far less homemade but still delicious. Mainly it was just a treat to book a table for 8pm, not 5pm!

Weekend Off
So nice to have some time together


I love my little boy. L is so well behaved, he’s really not much trouble at all. But from the moment he wakes until the moment he falls asleep he is a full time job.

Then when he does sleep I’m busy catching up on the things I couldn’t do whilst he was awake or fixing the general carnage he has created during the day.

It did both husb and I the world of good to take the weekend off and just breath, just to relax a bit.

Weekend Off


For all the moments I was revelling in the freedom my weekend off bought me, I felt guilty about it too.

Going to places I just knew L would adore, guilt. Missing L left me feeling guilty for not enjoying my time more. Not missing him made me feel even more guilty.

I think that’s part of the joy of parenting. You can desperately need time away from your kids but miss them the second they are gone.

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10 thoughts on “This Plus That Equals…. A Weekend Off”

  1. Oh how lovely! We usually have one weekend a year away to ourselves, although this year we’ve had two already – amazing! Looks like you had fun! #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Time for yourself, perfect. This is what my hubby and I need to do soon so that we can learn to enjoy each others company again. We went straight from getting married to 2 months later baby coming so never had real alone time to explore places. 🙂 x


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