Popaball bubbles for prosecco

Popaball – Bubbles for Prosecco – Competition

Popaball is the original prosecco shimmer company, and have taken the drinks industry by storm with their prosecco shimmers and flavour-filled bursting bubbles, even being featured on ‘Mary Portas, What Britain Bought in 2017’
Popaball bubbles for prosecco

Just in case you haven’t tried them yet I’ve got a 6 pack of bubbles for prosecco to give away which is worth £24!

With so many different flavours, colours and shimmers to choose from you’re bound to find something you like. They also make bubbles for gin and cider, sparkly jam, liqueurs, gift boxes and even offer a subscription service.Popaball bubbles for prosecco

Obviously I’ve tried them, I had some bubbles for prosecco last Christmas and was bought some treats for my gin as a birthday present.

I love how cool they look in the glass, especially the shimmer, it’s so fancy! The burst of flavour is great too. Plus they are brilliant for so much more than adding to your alcoholic beverages. They work really well in a mocktail, for that cool look and I love them just scattered on top of an ice cream, I mean, why not!Popaball bubbles for prosecco

If you want to win a six pack of bubbles for prosecco simply enter your details into the Gleam app below.

Popaball Bubbles for Prosecco Giveaway

Good luck xx

Disclosure – Popaball have kindly provided the prize.

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31 thoughts on “Popaball – Bubbles for Prosecco – Competition”

  1. sounds so lovely and they’re such a great idea, I’ve never heard of them until now!

  2. Great competition – these are great, I’ve tried them in ice tea 🙂

  3. Never heard of these before ,( must get out more lol) I di love Prosecco & so do my girls so would be great to try out.

  4. bet these are lovely, what a good idea, I love a bit of fizz so would be keen to try it with a twist

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