Powerstation Mini from mophie

Power on the Go with mophie

Powerbanks. We’ve all heard of them. Many of us have used them. But they’ve got their drawbacks, big and cumbersome or tiny and barely help. Not all that attractive and wires tangling everywhere in your bag or pocket. The Powerstation Mini from mophie solves all that and I’ve been putting it through its paces.

Powerstation Mini from mophie

Now I’m lucky that my phone has phenomenal battery life, shout out for the TCL 10 Pro there!! But I get up at 4am most mornings and my phone gets up with me. I use my phone for work, both this kind of work and my normal day job, I am always taking photos and I like to do things like geocache using the app on my phone and watch videos on my breaks. All fairly battery intensive activities. So if I’m going to be out all day then the Powerstation Mini is useful, I might need it, I might not, but the slimline design means it doesn’t take up any extra space in my bag.

Slimline design on power pack

It has a 5000mAh capacity that will provide most devices with a full charge, if not more. I mentioned it’s slimline design, well it’s smaller than most phones, but being flat and well, phone shaped, means it’s easy to hold with your phone so you can charge on the go and still use your device. It has a USB A output as well as a USB C input/output, super handy as most newer phones are now shipping with USB C chargers, so you don’t need to swap cables to top up your powerbank and many phones, especially the latest Apple models are using USB C plugs too.

Powerstation Mini from mophie

I really like the fabric design on the Powerstation Mini, it looks really stylish and whilst I appreciate the looks don’t actually change the functionality it is nice. The fabric cover feels great, it’s very tactile and it also stops it getting scuffed and looking dirty. You even have a choice of colours.

It’s easy and simple to use. Very well designed and will be spending a lot of time in my bag on our summer days out!

The Powerstation Mini from mophie costs £39.95 with free shipping.

Powerstation Mini from mophie

Disclosure – I was gifted my Powerstation in return for this review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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