Project Bridesmaid #6

So in about a year I am going to be a bridesmaid for my little sister. This is just the kind of goal I need to start losing some weight and getting healthier, which all ties in nicely with my quest to be a calmer, happier and healthier person.

I have decided to vlog about my journey as that will give me a visual reminder of where I’ve been and where I am and as it’s something that makes me rather uncomfortable it will also help to keep me in check. Plus it’s always good to push yourself.

During my journey I will be getting to try all kinds of new products and sharing my experiences of them with you.

It’s actually all starting to get a bit bridesmaidy round here now, there is a wedding dress choosing day all booked in for a few weeks time, there are crafty tasks at hand, I shall be creating a Wedding Tree for my sister, if it all works out to plan I’ll be blogging about it and I’m starting to think about other little bits and bobs I can do to help.

Jane Plan Main Meals
A small selection of my dinner options

Today was my third weigh in having been on The Jane Plan for three whole weeks and I have lost 2lb, so that’s 6lb in total over the three weeks on Jane Plan and 11lb since I started Project Bridesmaid.

I’m excited as a good week this week could see 3lb and a whole stone lost, that’s may aim and I’m also pleased as food wise I was a bit rubbish last week, there may have been a pizza accidentally slip into my mouth, woops.

The pizza all came about after the little one fell over at nursery and ended up at the doctors to get a nasty cut seen to, it was very small but really deep and even though he was super duper brave his mummy was not, feeling really sick at the site of her little one being hurt. My mama bear instincts properly kicked in, it also meant the day really shifted from what I had planned and all he wanted was snuggles and I ended up ordering us a veggie pizza to share as a treat. I did get a super thin base and reduced fat cheese though, so maybe I can let myself off a bit.

My pretty bicycle

I really got back on track with my cycling and walking which has made me so much happier, if anyone uses their Google calendar they’ve just popped a goals update through which automatically blocks out some time for you and send s you little reminders, I love it and have popped in three 30 minute cycles a week, a couple of housework sessions and time to catch up with friends. Just having it automatically in my calendar and getting reminders is super helpful.

As for the Jane Plan, I’ve still been finding it really convenient, and really tasty. I’m loving the portion sizes, by the time you add in your vegetables it’s a really full plate and I’m never left hungry. The food is tasty and filling and I’m regularly getting 6 portions of fruit and veg a day, not even counting what is in the meals and they are packed full of goodness.

I have found the first meal I don’t like, which in three weeks with hardly a repeated meal is not bad going, turns out the couscous salad pot for lunch was not for me, I was surprised, I love couscous, but this was just a little too dry for my tastes.

Jane Plan Snacks
Do not eat your snacks near a toddler

My tips from this week would be to not eat your tasty afternoon snacks in front of your toddler, when you only get one biscuit having to hand over half of it is a little bit soul destroying, honestly, hide from them and savour it. Also if you do come across something you don’t like then just move on, eat your fruit and veg, have an extra piece of fruit or something like that but don’t fall off the wagon. This morning I found that all of our milk had turned and all of my low fat yoghurt had been eaten, to start with I thought toast would be my only option, my standard go to breakfast, but after a little rummage I ended up with a fruit yoghurt which I had with an apple and my granola, not as healthy as the low fat option but way better than toast.

A Day on Jane Plan
I love my lovely full plate’s of food

I’m really happy with my progress so far and will be so sad at the end of the week when my month on Jane Plan comes to an end. But I’ve been sent plenty of supplements that are designed to help aid weight loss and think that I have learnt some quite good portion control ideas from what I have been doing.

Disclosure – I have been sent my products free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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