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Project Bridesmaid #7

So in about a year I am going to be a bridesmaid for my little sister. This is just the kind of goal I need to start losing some weight and getting healthier, which all ties in nicely with my quest to be a calmer, happier and healthier person.

I have decided to vlog about my journey as that will give me a visual reminder of where I’ve been and where I am and as it’s something that makes me rather uncomfortable it will also help to keep me in check. Plus it’s always good to push yourself.

During my journey I will be getting to try all kinds of new products and sharing my experiences of them with you.

Bridesmaid duties are so on, I’ve made the wedding tree and created a handy ‘how to guide’ whilst I was at it. I have a folder full of images on my desktop with ideas for the centre pieces and favour bags that I need to source the parts for and make and I’ve been starting to think about a lovely surprise gift.

Jane Plan Tuna Salad for Lunch
Tuna Salad Pot for Lunch.

Today was my fourth weigh in having been on The Jane Plan for a whole month and I had gained 1lb, sob, so that’s 5lb in total over the four weeks on Jane Plan and 10lb since I started Project Bridesmaid.

I need to make it entirely clear that this was all of my own doing, I hardly exercised, allowing life to get in the way which I really must stop doing. I ate off plan a couple of times and generally in myself I’ve felt a little blah about the whole thing. This however is a new week and I’m not going to beat myself up about it, it is what it is and it’s no reason not to carry on doing well.

What I do think I need to do is set myself some mini goals and rewards to keep my spirits up, give me something to aim for and keep me on track now my Jane Plan time has finished, so here we go.

  • 1st – A new wearable fitness tracker as the one I had been trialling for Teraillon broke and I really miss it.
  • 2st – A new chair for my desk, not exciting to some but a big deal for me.
  • 3st – A massage and a bottle of prosecco.

I’ve got more than three stone to lose, probably closer to five stone, but for me I want to be a size 12/14 and I don’t care what weight I am to achieve that, so for the time being I think three mini goals is enough.

As for the Jane Plan, I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m really going to miss the convenience of having all my meals sent to me, no hassle, no thought, no slaving over a hot stove. I’m pleased with my weight loss and have loved the support I was given throughout my diet with them. I’m really happy with how it has worked out for me and I may well go back to it if I need to.

Raspberries, Greek Yoghurt and Jane Plan Granola for Breakfast. YUM!
Raspberries, Greek Yoghurt and Jane Plan Granola for Breakfast. YUM!


This past week I have also been using a Fruit Infuser Water Bottle and Supplements from Bio Synergy. They also sent me some Whey Better protein shakes to use but as they are for before and after workouts, as opposed to meal replacements, I’ve found it difficult to fit them around my lifestyle, the husband however has loved having them in the house.

Weight loss products from Bio Synergy
Weight loss products from Bio Synergy

The fruit infuser water bottle has been a really nice way to get more water into me, I have enjoyed how simple it is to use, just cut up your fruit and pop it into the centre ‘holder’ add water and enjoy. Raspberries have been my favourite so far, followed by plums and pineapple was good. Apple didn’t really work nor did the addition of mint leaves that I thought would be amazing, they just blocked the drinking spout opening. The downsides are that it doesn’t filter your water and that the cap isn’t 100% water tight.

Bio Synergy Fruit Infuser Bottle
Bio Synergy Fruit Infuser Bottle

The Active Woman Power Up – Define supplements I’ve been taking have been amazing, I’m sure they are the only reason I’ve only put on 1lb this week. I’ve taken 7 days worth of my 10 day supply and have been noticeably fuller, felt a bit more spritely and didn’t completely lose it this week as I probably should have done. You just take two before each meal and carry on as normal. With ingredients like  green tea extract, Konjac mannan, caffeine and chromium they help to boost your metabolism, help you feel fuller and control your calorie intake.

Active Woman Power Up Define Capsules from Bio Synergy
Active Woman Power Up Define Capsules from Bio Synergy

My plans for next week include finishing my supplements from Bio Synergy and then moving onto some other interesting ones I have been sent, exercising more, I have got a Gym Cube membership to try out so I can workout at home, plus I want to cycle at least three times this week. I want to lose another 2lb this week and then 2lb the following week so that I can have lost 1st before I go on holiday!!

Disclosure – I have been sent my products free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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