Purelosophy – Review and Personal Revelation

Purelosophy is a range of drinks made all-natural Alpine water boosted with herbal ingredients to help prepare your day both mentally and physically. I’ve been impressed. More than impressed actually.

Purelosophy is exactly the kind of product I love. It’s natural. Beautifully packaged. It fits really well with the calming and mindfulness practises I enjoy. It couldn’t be more of a ‘me’ thing if it tried.

Relax and Renew

There are three drinks to the trilogy (available from Purelosophy.com, £1.45 each) which has one ethos. To help ease a stress-filled and hectic modern lifestyle through pure and clean ingredients with a refreshing Alpine water. I tried them out for two weeks and genuinely looked forward to drinking them. I also really noticed the difference when my supply ran out. Having been struggling a lot with anxiety recently I can only say I wish I had stockpiled loads at home.

RELAX is there to help ease your mind and take you away from moments of high anxiety, mood swings or when one needs a gentle aid for stress-induced insomnia, the herbal recipes that use only food grade plants do the work without any side effects of calming aids. The refreshing drink is also made with a unique blend of scientifically tested lemon balm, hops, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, spinach, with a refreshing mix of juices of kiwi, lemon and pear. Also because Relax is low GI and low GL, it slowly releases its energy content.

The perfect way to spend some time

I chose to enjoy RELAX every evening, perfect for levelling me out after a long day and getting me ready for bed. Especially as I tend to work on my laptop late into the night, it can be hard to just switch off and go to sleep. I found this really helped me. Plus is just really enjoyable, you can really taste the chamomile, it’s very thirst quenching and if you make the effort to drink it slowly and savour the flavour I can literally feel my mind slowing down.

RENEW has been created with a careful selection of ingredients (grape, lime and acerola flavours blended with whole grape, aloe vera, nettle, artichoke, curcuma and fennel) to aid quick physical recovery after travel, exercise or just stress filled day. So whether you have been burning the candle at both ends, a week of over-indulgence, or you simply want to get back on track after exercise, let RENEW restore your body.

Brilliant drinks

I loved RENEW and if pushed would say it had a gingery kick to it on the flavour front. I enjoyed every morning. It’s a nice way to start the day and helped just get me ready for what was ahead. When they say burning the candles at both ends, it’s something all parents can relate to, something we could all do with a little helping hand with. What I love about the Purelosophy drinks is that you can use them the way you want, fit them into your life when you want.

The third and final drink, POWER, is the only one I haven’t tried. Potentially it’s the one I should try the most as it is the only thing that stands to help my diet coke filled caffeine addiction. It’s formula is designed to keep you staying sharp, alert and in high spirits, and is a refreshing non-carbonated alternative to coffee and energy drinks. Power helps reduce the sugar and coffee cravings during the day. The ingredients include a vibrant blend of pink grapefruit, passion fruit and tangy notes of guaraná, cola nut, ginseng & maté.

I have to mention the packaging of this drinks. They are in cardboard tins. It’s the only way to describe them. But they are soft and really nice to hold. I actually found it aided the whole experience of drinking them. They are just very satisfying to hold.

I really enjoyed trying out Purelosophy and they are certainly something I will be getting again.

Disclosure – I was given my drinks in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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