Quick easter crafts

Quick Easter Crafts for Kids from Hobbycraft

Easter is literally at the weekend, like a few days away. With everything that has been going on recently I am far from usual organised crafty self. Thankfully, as ever, Hobbycraft have the goods to make sure I get to have a little bit of Easter fun over the holidays with the kids.

Quick easter crafts
Our lovely bunnies and stickers

I’ll be honest, it barely counts as a craft, it’s so simple. It’s a ton of fun though and L had a blast.

Using some of the fun Easter Foam Stickers packs and Embellishments we decorated a few Faux Grass Bunnies.

Quick easter crafts
The sticker sets are brill

L peeled away the backings and stuck and restuck. He got silly and covered a bunny, we stopped and took some back off. He changed his mind, adding, moving, mixing and matching until he was happy with his creations.

Quick easter crafts
All decorated nicely, after the silliness of smothering them in stickers subsided

The Faux Grass Bunnies are awesome decorations. They work just on their own, completely untouched. You can get kids to add stickers. If I had the time I loved the idea of stitching together some small fake flowers to create floral crowns for the bunnies. You could glue on some gems to add some bling. You can borrow the bell and ribbon necklaces from the Lindt Bunnies if you happen to have one and eaten it already, not that I would possibly have already eaten a chocolate bunny, or two, no, not me!

We love the sticker packs as well, L was happily creating all kinds of pictures on some scraps of card. They are perfect for adding to cards or decorating paper eggs with, perfect just for playing with. You can’t beat a good sticker and the foam stickers we have are super sticky, which is very satisfying.

Quick easter crafts
I like the little flower on it’s head

So that’s it. Like I said, barely a craft, but at the moment, when I can barely keep my head above water it has been the perfect distraction to keep L occupied for a little bit and doing something fun and Eastery together.

Disclosure – we were sent our Bunnies and Stickers to allow us to do some crafting together. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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