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Quick, Easy and Healthy – Weight Watchers from Heinz

It’s January so we’re all looking to eat a little better. Whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution to eat better or generally be healthier. Or, like me, you just can’t look at another bit of cheese for a while after December’s diet of cheese, chocolate and mince pies! You might not have time to be cooking from scratch every night though, so the new range of Balance Range from Weight Watchers by Heinz may be just the ticket. 

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers

I’ve a freezer draw full of them and they have been life savers. They are really yummy. So quick and easy. They taste fresh, not frozen and they are well balanced, healthy meals as you would expect from Weight Watchers. If you are following a Weight Watchers plan the points value is right there on the front of the pack to help you out. If like me, you just fancied a ready meal that was healthy, they are perfect for that as well. I’m not on Weight Watchers, but having foods like this, ready made, points all calculated for you, in the freezer aisle of your local supermarket is very appealing to me.

There are eight flavours, each under 500 calories –

  • Creamy King Prawn Pasta – Juicy king prawns, garden vegetables and tagliatelle tossed in a delicious creamy sauce.
  • Meatball Penne in spicy tomato sauce – Beef meatballs with penne pasta in an arrabiata sauce, with cherry tomatoes, Italian herbs and a kick of fiery chilli.
  • Chicken and Chorizo Paella – A Mediterranean inspired paella with tender chicken, smoky chorizo and roasted vegetables. 
  • Chicken Tikka Masala – Tender chicken pieces and lentils combined with a blend of warming Indian spices and a creamy tikka masala sauce. 
  • South Indian Vegetable Curry – An aromatic dish of chickpeas and vegetables, with a mix of warming Indian spices. 
  • Chinese Style Chicken Noodles – A delicious fusion of seared chicken with crunchy vegetable and noodles coated in an oriental style sauce.
  • Chicken and Roasted Vegetable Jalfrezi – Tender chicken pieces & roasted vegetables in an aromatic curry sauce with a fiery chilli kick.
  • Mediterranean Chicken Pasta – Tender chicken pieces & roasted vegetables cooked with spirali pasta in a rich tomato & herb sauce

They didn’t have all eight in my local Tesco to try but they were on offer at £2.00 instead of the RRP of £2.79.

Weight Watchers
Ready for dinner

My first thought was that there were a lot of chicken options and not much for vegetarians, inly one of the 8 options, even as a pescatarian myself there are only two of the meals I will eat. Overall though it is a good range, with lots of flavours.

I have tried the South Indian Vegetable Curry and it is delicious. Really filling with all the chickpeas. A nice level of spice, not too hot but most definitely has a kick. It is colourful, it is rich in flavour and it cooked up a treat in the microwave.

The Creamy King Prawn Pasta is just that, really creamy. I wouldn’t have guessed it was diet food, it’s just like any other ready meal, minus the tonnes of salt and fat. Proper comfort food.

I got some of the meaty options for husb. This was a bit of a risk if I’m honest. There are visible vegetables and my husband, bless his heart, is worse to feed than a toddler and immediately turned his nose up at them. But he was hungry and the food was there, so he duly obliged and ate it.

Weight Watchers
Loved my curry

Turns out the Chicken Tikka Masala is ‘surprisingly nice’. He added a portion of rice to his curry, when I hadn’t bothered with mine, and actually enjoyed it. That for me is just amazing. This is a man who will be constantly saying he wants to eat a bit better, be more healthy, but will not eat a vegetable and thinks a healthy meal is a pizza. So we’re onto a winner here.

He was less keen on the Meatballs and Penne in a Spicy Tomato Sauce. There were a few too many chunky tomatoes for his liking (See what I mean. Awkward!) but he did enjoy the over all flavour. Especially after he added some cheese, he’s not great at being healthy.

For me these meals have been a winner. I think you will regularly find a couple in the freezer for those days I can’t be bothered to cook. I have really enjoyed them. They are a little pricey but a really good portion size.

Disclosure – I was sent vouchers to try some meals in exchange for an honest review.

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