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Get Quilting with Crafter’s Companion for Project Linus

I am literally so excited to share this with you guys. A brilliant reason to get crafting, as if we need an excuse! All for a cause that when I heard about it made me feel all the feelings. Project Linus.

Project Linus is a volunteer organisation which aims to provide a sense of security and comfort to sick and traumatised babies, children and teenagers through the provision of new home made patchwork quilts and knitted/crocheted blankets.  In doing so it gives volunteers across the UK the opportunity to contribute to their local community.Project Linus

Crafter’s Companion are helping to spread the word about Project Linus UK by featuring a four-series long ‘Quilt-along’ within its magazine ‘Sew Inspired‘.  Readers will be taught how to make a complete quilt throughout the year, inspiring and educating them in this traditional craft, then participants will be encouraged to donate their finished quilt to Project Linus UK.  A Linus quilt is more symbolic than simply practical, they carry the message that someone cares.

I’m sure you can all see why I really want to get involved now. I’m already rummaging through my fabric stash to see what I’ve got and see if I can make a quilt. Quilting is only something I’ve dabbled in before, but I love to sew and I could honestly cry when I think about how getting something made with love could make a vulnerable kid feel. So I am going to try my best to make a quilt and really hope some of you will join in with me.Project Linus
So how does it work….?
Once a volunteer has made a quilt they give it to their local coordinator (there are 130 around the country) who sews a label on the back and logs it in.  Each coordinator give the quilt a number, records who gave it to them and which organisation or institution has received the quilt.  In this way, when a letter of thanks is received from the recipient they know which volunteer they have to pass it onto.  The quilts are then taken to the children’s ward of hospitals, where they brighten up the clinical look of a hospital bed, women’s refuge, hospice, foster homes, homeless families, and those disadvantaged in other ways where they give comfort and a sense of security.Project Linus
I really do know that making a quilt is a big ask. It takes up time that not many of us have, but if you could join in with me I think it would be fabulous. I’ll be documenting my quilting journey on social media and no doubt will write about it too. So if you do join in, please tag me in any of your pictures. We can do this together #Quilt4Kindness let’s fill Instagram, Facebook, Twitter with our quilting progress.Threaders - Quilting Starter Kit (fully packaged)
To help get you started Crafter’s Companion have very kindly arranged to give two lucky readers a Quilting Starter Kit. Sewing manufacturer Threaders worked with Crafter’s Companion to produce this quilting starter kit and they will be donating £2.50 from every sale to a number of children’s, elderly and homelessness charities and organisations.
For your chance to win simply enter your details into the Gleam App below.

Good Luck x

Win a Quilting Starter Set

Disclosure – Crafter’s Companion have kindly provided the prizes.

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38 thoughts on “Get Quilting with Crafter’s Companion for Project Linus”

  1. i’ve loved quilting ever since my gran showed me how to make a a quilt for my dolls x

  2. I have always wanted to try quilting so this would be a great way to start

  3. I made my first granddaughter a quilt but it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. I have another granddaughter due in November and would love to make from her that is more successful,thanks.

  4. Would love to make a quilt, what a great opportunity to learn a new skill and support a great cause

  5. Just brought a sewing machine as I have a hankering to have a go at quilting, so this giveaway will be perfect for me, thank you for this chance

  6. Thanks! I do many crafts from sewing to cross stitch, tapestry and felting and would love to try quilting!

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