Quntis Screen Light Bar

Quntis Screen Light Bar

Poor lighting. Eye strain. Headaches. It will be a familiar sounding story to a lot of people and it’s not just because a lot of us were thrust into working from home unexpectedly, harsh overhead lights in the office can be just as bad as the dim 20 watt bulb you chucked in the spare room that was barely used before you turned it into an office, just grateful you had the space.

Quntis Screen Light Bar

In our household it’s become apparent that working from is here to stay to some degree. Whilst I’ve remained in the workplace throughout the pandemic my husband has very much been at home and now even with his office open it seems he will be splitting his time between the office and home in a far more flexible manner tan we ever thought possible.

With this in mind when we were offered the chance to review a Screen Light Bar from Quntis it seemed like a very sensible idea and the reality of it is far better than we could have hoped. My husband now uses it all of the time.

Quntis Screen Light Bar

The Light Bar is a very simple idea that has been perfectly executed.

A lightweight, thin bar that clips to the top of your screen providing light. Simple. THey’ve thought it out well though, so it’s just a bit more than that.

It lights the work area well whilst giving no glare on the computer screen. It’s adjustable in both brightness and warmth and the memory function automatically remembers your last setting, so there’s no need to reset when you switch it on.

Powered by a USB cable you plug it into your computer, the wall using a compatible plug/socket or even use a power bank. This makes it very versatile and easily portable.

Quntis Screen Light Bar

It’s 40cm long giving great light coverage and designed to fit screens between 0.7-3.5cm in thickness. It’s worth noting this is not suitable for Notebooks.

It is very pleasing to use, the buttons are tactile and it actually looks good. Not at all intrusive and genuinely makes a real difference. It’s fair to say it has exceeded our expectations in a big way.

Disclosure – this is a gifted product. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own,

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