Reading Eggs – Review & Competition

You may remember that recently I shared the news that Reading Eggs had launched their first ever awards to celebrate the efforts of all the young learners who have been working so hard this year, against all odds and with a huge amount of upheaval. We’ve also started trying the programme ourselves and excitingly have the chance for you to win some of their fabulous workbooks.


The Awards

The first ever awards are being held to honour the accomplishments of children who have used the Reading Eggs programme to make hero progress in both their reading and maths.

The past year has been an incredibly challenging time for students everywhere with national school closures, which is why Reading Eggs want to acknowledge their users hard-work and efforts in achieving their personal learning milestones.

Parents, grandparents, friends, teachers and family are invited to nominate a child who they feel is a true reading superhero. There are three categories for the Reading Heroes awards including:

‘Star Reader’
‘Most Improved’
‘Mathseeds Champ’

A Reading Hero from each category will be selected to receive a fun-filled Superhero Bundle which includes a 12-month combined Reading Eggs and Mathseeds subscription, a Megabook pack AND some special branded superhero goodies. To nominate a Reading Hero, consumers must complete the relevant entry form at

The award submissions will remain open until midnight on 1 June 2021 BST. Once the giveaway has ended, three standout entries will be selected at the judges’ discretion. The selected families will be contacted by 7 June 2021 and announced on 21 June 2021 (** Only UK residents are eligible).

L Using Mathseeds

Reading Eggs Review

L and I worked really hard together during the lockdowns and all the various forms of home learning we were challenged with. He did really well and I don’t feel like he fell behind at all and in many aspects he made great improvements. This has been backed up by the reports from his teacher since returning to school.

That being said the return to school has not been easy. He has never enjoyed school and now he has had a taste of learning that he likes and feels confident with. Having that one on one time with him and the ability to focus on areas he needed help, making the learning fun by tailoring the topics to things that interested him and maintaining a more hands on and play based form of learning really worked. Sure there were frustrations and arguments and at points tears (mainly mine) but overall we enjoyed it and it worked for him.

Now he is back at school that confidence in his abilities has disappeared. His dislike of of school has increased. His anxieties about learning, school and not being good enough have skyrocketed. He’s lost that one on one support and the tailored learning and has been thrust back into a world of tests and sitting down quietly and lone working.

This means that I am trying everything I can at home to help with his confidence and his learning, but I’m trying to do that in the least ‘school’ way possible. With his day at school and the homework he is set I feel his learning days are already long enough, but they are clearly not effective so I try to supplement that with a little bit of extra learning everyday and Reading Eggs is helping with that a lot.

I believe that reading is the foundation of everything, the better he can read the easier the writing will come, the easier the spelling will come, the easier the tests will be. Reading is the key to it all and it important he enjoys it. With Reading Eggs he gets to use either my laptop or his tablet and play games that slowly but surely test his skills and build upon them.

Before he started the Reading Eggs programme I set up his profile and through the information I input in the family dashboard it recommended that he focused on Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. You see there are lots of different ‘courses’ he can do. Reading Eggs Junior, Fast Phonics, Reading Eggs, Mathseeds and Reading Eggspress. They are all aimed at slightly different age groups, abilities and needs. Due to the vast amount of learning on offer so far we have stuck with the two recommended programmes.

At the start of each programme the child takes a little test, just to work out what level they are at and this will then show where to actually start the lessons from. No point starting everyone right at the beginning if it is something they’ve already learnt, they’ll get bored and give. The same as there is no point picking an arbitrary start point based on age. I like that it is so fully tailored to the child.

He is fully aware that he is learning, all the games have a clear outcome that he can see. Whether it’s reading a book with a comprehension test at the end. Working through the lessons and creating sentences or recognising sounds. The spelling tests or driving lessons. He knows he is learning but it is fun. There are cute graphics and fun sounds effects and the increase in difficulty is gradual and almost unnoticeable.

He earns eggs and get awards as he makes his way through the programme and it is enjoyable. If he gets a bit bored with the actual lessons then he can move onto the games, puzzles, playroom or songs. He is still learning but gets to mix it up and is in full control of his progress.

Mathseeds is a very similar set up, though of course we are working with numbers, not reading. L actually started on Mathseeds as it maths that causes him the most stress and he is always eager to practise at home so he doesn’t have to feel so worried at school.

He got carried away with the test at the start, clicking accidentally as he wasn’t used to my Chromebook and the mousepad. So it started him off at a far too easy but although you can redo the test to get a better reading, he has refused and just enjoying the win. Frustrating for me but if he’s happy then I guess I just have to be.

You still get the driving tests and instead of a spelling test there is a mental minute. Again he is earning eggs and getting awards as he learns. There are game options and plenty to keep him occupied.

The only thing I have found so far that I think could be improved is the choice of reading books, it can be hard to pick one at the right level and they are most definitely ‘school’ books which sometimes aren’t all that entertaining. It’s a very minor niggle and something that has only bothered me, not L, he’s used to their format and enjoys reading them on a screen, it feels like a treat.

He’s really enjoying Reading Eggs and I can see us carrying on with it after our gifted subscription ends, as there are programmes that are suitable for several years yet.



So for the bit you’ve all been waiting for. As we have enjoyed using Reading Eggs so much and to celebrate the brand new awards Reading Eggs have got some of their workbooks to giveaway.

Oh yes, they also make physical workbooks to complement all that online learning. They really do offer the full package.

You could win both the Maths and English workbook and the winner will get to choose if they receive the Year 1 or Year 2 level books.

For your chance to win simply enter your details into the Gleam App below and don’t forget to head over to the Reading Eggs website and nominate your Reading Superhero.

Good luck x

Win Two Reading Eggs Workbooks

Disclosure – The Reading Eggs Awards are separate to the competition I am hosting. Feel free to enter both my competition and nominate your young superhero. Reading Eggs kindly gifted our subscription to the programme so that we could try it out, all thoughts and opinions are our own. They are also supplying the books for my competition prize.

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  1. These would be perfect for my son, it’s so much easier to learn when it is made fun

  2. An informative post. Thank you. We have a suitable candidate in the family!

  3. We love reading eggs! I’d love to win for my little girl who adores doing her school work xx

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