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Reading with JCB Kids

A couple of weeks ago we had another fun delivery from JCB Kids. As always L was very excited and absolutely delighted with his new goodies.

JCB Kids Pajamas from George
JCB Kids Pajamas from George

He got some fabulous pajamas from the range available at George, great digger printed bottoms with a fun Joey top which quite frankly he could wear as a T-Shirt, there is a chance that he maybe has! At only £9.00 for the set I think this is really good value, everything washes up well and has been tumble dried several times. 

Igloo Books Digger Driver
Igloo Books Digger Driver

Digger pajamas are always a hit but quite frankly the book he was sent has really taken his fancy.

From Igloo books his newest JCB Adventure book not makes sounds but also has a steering wheel. It is amazing. I had to go and collect our parcel from the post office and he opened it as soon as we were back in the car. The pajamas were cast aside in favour of the book and he ‘drove’ the whole way home.

L Loves his new book and 'jamas
L Loves his new book and ‘jamas

With a RRP of £14.99 I thought it was quite expensive to start with but it has got so much use and is so sturdy I’ve been bought around.

The book itself is a fun story about all the JCB crew making a lake for the ducks to live on, as you read the story you are prompted to press the corresponding sound buttons. Engines rev, horns honk, helicopters whirr and ducks quack.

JCB Kids Igloo Book
Oh no, it’s raining!

We have read this book every night since he has received it, sometimes more than once. It has come out during the day and we’ve had to bargain with him to stop it being taken to nursery, no way we can risk losing this book.

Once again L has been very lucky and the products we have received are of great quality and aren’t too expensive. He loves anything digger related and anything that makes hom a bit more excited about bedtime is good in our world.

We love being Brand Ambassadors and I can’t wait to share some more products with you all.

A Bit of bedtime driving
A Bit of bedtime driving

Disclosure – we were gifted our products as part of the JCB Kids Brand Ambassador Programme, all opinions are our own.

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