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Readmio – Review

On a week where L had been focusing on The Three Little Pigs at school and we had read, watched and listened to various bland and boring versions of the story seemingly thousands of times we needed a bit more excitement in our topic. Thankfully we discovered Readmio, or should I say, Readmio discovered us and we were enamoured.

Readmio Categories

Readmio is a lovely reading app for children that brings the books to live with sound effects as you read. The sound effects are triggered as you read certain words or phrases by using voice recognition so they always come at the right part of the book.

They bring these lovely tales to live and add a really fun element to the story. Three Little Pigs is a great example to start with, you’ve got the wolf huffing and puffing, houses being built and pigs running away. You can just imagine the fun sounds.

The three little pigs

The fact that it works in time with your reading is perfect, it doesn’t matter if you’ve stopped for a little chat about the book or been distracted by something. It picks up right where you left off.

You can record the books as you read them too, great for if you can’t be with your little person and want to send them a story, with lockdown as it is I can imagine many grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends loving this feature.

There are awards you can gain by reading a certain amount of books and for reading consistently over time. I nice incentive for older readers.


There is plenty of choice, from classic fairy tales, old folk tales and even Aesop’s fables. I love that you get a good choice of free tales but if you want to upgrade to the premium level to get all of them it’s reasonably priced at £49.99 for a year.

We’ve found plenty of tales to enjoy, some that tie in perfectly with the planned school work and others that are just for us to enjoy at bedtime. The illustrations are beautiful too. It’s just a joyous app.

Our library

I’m really impressed with this, many other reading apps aimed at children that we’ve tried have fallen short, either with an inadequate amount of free books so you can’t try enough to decide if you like it or not or by being overly complicated. L can use this by himself both to browse for books he wants to read or for the simpler books to read by himself, getting rewarded with the sound effects as he goes.

It’s a joy to use and I think has some really nice elements that make it ideal for this off time of lockdown learning and afterwards, just making reading more interactive and enjoyable. The Readmio app is available on iOS and Android, definitely check out that free trial, I think you’ll love it and want more.

Disclosure – we were gifted an extended free trial so we could fully get to grips with the app. All thoughts, opinions and screenshots are my own.

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