Real Good Ketchup

Real Good Ketchup

I’m hoping I’m not the only parent to have found that adding Ketchup to seemingly any meal makes it so down far more easily!

I’m fully aware it’s not always the best choice though. I try hard to think about what I’m feeding L and keep it healthy as well as fun but it’s not always that easy.

Real Good Ketchup

The reduced sugar, more natural, no added salt options have a tendency to not taste as good, be far more expensive or just plain hard to find. I’ll be honest, I’m not going to traipse round multiple shops to get my groceries done.

Real Good Ketchup have found a way to help with a range of ketchup that has 100% natural ingredients, only using naturally-occurring sugars and has 78% less salt than regular ketchups.

It’s yummy too, actually tasting like tomatoes but still keeping that sweet hint that kids love. It’s so good it’s been school approved.

It comes in two flavours: original Real Good Tomato Ketchup and Smokey BBQ. Both have been a hit in our house, especially the Smokey BBQ. That went down a treat with the barbecue we enjoyed one sunny weekend, let’s hope there’s more of those to come.

It hasn’t just been barbecues though, it’s literally been popped in the fridge and used for all the meals I’d normally use ketchup on. Tonight the kid had mini chicken kievs, potato wedges and sweetcorn, with of course, a big dollop of ketchup. No guilt there and an empty plate, winner!

The kid is good with his food but often asks for ketchup, in fact he likes it on most meals, even a roast the heathen. I at least don’t have to feel bad about saying yes now and I can be more generous with his portion size, having the choice of flavours is helpful too.

Real Good Ketchup
Important information

Real Good Tomato Ketchup is available in a BPA free 100% recyclable easy squeeze bottle, RRP £2.20 for 315g and can be found in The Co-op Free From aisle, Morrisons Health & Wellness fixture and Wholefoods market.

The 285g Real Good Tomato and Smokey BBQ Ketchups in glass bottles are exclusively available from Ocado, RRP £2.49.

For more info visit

Disclosure – I was gifted some bottles of Ketchup to try in return for a review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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