Lumie Luxe 700

A Review of the Lumie Luxe 700 Bodyclock

As you know we are big fans of Lumie here. I have been using the Bodyclock Iris for quite some time and husb has been using the Active 250 for longer. When we found out about the new Lumie Luxe 700 we couldn’t wait to try it out.

Lumie Luxe 700
The Lumie Luxe 700

Now in quick terms the Luxe does everything all the other bodyclocks does but without the aromatherapy function of the Iris but improving the music function of the Active 250 by adding Bluetooth Speakers, not just a Radio. 

This made the decision of who was to use it really easy. Husb! He loves the music to wake up to, whereas I love the Aromatherapy function of the Iris.

My ideal bodyclock would be a combination of the Luxe 700 and the Iris (just incase anyone at Lumie was wondering, ahem).

Lumie Luxe 700
The low red light, perfect for night time

Of course the Lumie Luxe 700 is so much more than an alarm clock with light and bluetooth speakers. I’m just going to bullet point all its amazing features as otherwise this will be the longest review known to man!

  • Choose your own sunrise and sunset duration from 15 to 90 minutes
  • Choose your sunrise intensity
  • Low-blue light feature to minimise alerting effect before bedtime
  • Mimics the colours of a real sunrise and sunset
  • High-quality audio
  • Bluetooth for streaming radio or your music
  • USB port for music playback or charging your phone
  • More than 20 optional wake-up and sleep sounds including white noise
  • Fully dimmable light, daily/weekly alarms, snooze
  • Fully dimmable display
  • Power failure back-up

So in my opinion there are very few things that could be improved, there are a couple though.

Lumie Luxe 700
It can be just as brught as you want it to be

We both have smartphones that have the new USB-C fast charge facility. The USB port in the clock doesn’t have enough power to support the fast charge, so where husb would have liked to ditch a cable and charge via the clock, he hasn’t due to the slower charging. It’s incredibly minor, but it is a thing.

Our Lumie Luxe 700 has crashed once, you couldn’t turn the lights up or down and we had to reset it. This is fine, things happen with technology, especially tech that can do this much. That being said we had been using it for a month so it could potentially be more stable.

As for things we love, well there are loads!

Lumie Luxe 700
At its brightest

They have added dials to turn the display brightness and the light itself up and down. Quick, simple and so much easier to use than the other bodyclocks we have tried.

The low blue-light feature is awesome. It means you can enjoy a non disruptive light throughout the night should you need. Boy have we needed it recently, the boy has been sick, I have been sick, husb has been sick. There has been way more night time activity than any house should have to see recently and being able to leave a light on that means we can see but also still sleep has been a god send.

We now have Bluetooth speakers in every room in the house. They are really good quality for something so small and Bluetooth really is the easiest way to enjoy our music. We stream all the time so for us this is perfect. It’s really nice to have speakers in the bedroom but encompassed in something we already use day to day. The Lumie bodyclocks to us are a bedside lamp, clock and now music player all in one. Amazing space saving.

Lumie Luxe 700
Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700 – stock image

As ever the main point of a Lumie Bodyclock, all of them, not just the Luxe 700 is the sunrise/sunset feature. The ability to go to sleep gently and naturally with light and wake up the same way. We could now never go back to anything else.

So the verdict from us is a definite 10/10. The Lumie Luxe 700 is worth every penny of its £170 price tag. It is elegant, practical and so useful.

Disclosure – we were gifted our Lumie Bodyclock in return for an honest review.

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