Robinsons #EnjoyMoreWater

A Robinsons Water Challenge

I have been trying very hard over recent months to make sure I drink enough water, but I hadn’t given much thought to how much L was drinking. So when I saw the Robinsons #EnjoyMoreWater challenge with BritMums I just knew I had to take part.

Facts – 64% of parents say they do not know how much water their children should be drinking each day, 42% saying their children find the taste of water boring.

Week One Chart
Week One Chart
L is definitely right there with the finding water boring, he has always enjoyed squash in his drinks. Whilst I have absolutely no idea how much water he should drink I have never overly worried either as he seems to constantly have a drink in his hand. Was he actually drinking from it though, or just playing?

We got sent a lovely box of Robinson’s Squash. A fun chart to keep an eye on how much we were drinking and some fruity stickers to use with it."<yoastmark

We have all loved having the handy Squash’d bottles in the house.
They are tiny so straight away Husb popped one in his bag to leave in his desk draw at work. We also love to take them on holiday with us. I cannot stand warm water, but pop a flavour in it and it is far more palatable. I also dislike water that isn’t filtered, again though, add a flavour and I’m good. So these little bottles from Robinsons are great for popping in overnight bags for a stay at a hotel.

Nope, got it all
Nope, got it all
They have also made a welcome addition to our day bag. Whenever we go out I’ll pack L a little drinking bottle filled with squash and take a larger bottle of drinking water for Husb and I. If L drinks all his drink then he just has to have water, which he doesn’t really like. Squash’d has solved that for us though.
So how have I been getting him to drink more water?

More Please
More Please
  • Well I always let him pick his flavour, that really helps.
  • With the small, squeezy and importantly non-spill Squash’d bottles I can even let him put his own squash in his drink.
  • Add an ice cube. Whatever the weather he is way more excited about an ice cube than I thought possible.
  • Let him use a big boy glass, not sippy cup, bottle of even plastic cup. An actual glass. Whilst this is not always possible I try to let him do it whenever it is practical as he really enjoys it.
  • Repeatedly offering him drinks if he is playing in the sun. If L is busy doing something else he’ll soon forget about being thirsty. So when we are outdoors in the sun I am constantly reminding him to drink. The other day I was literally passing him his cup for a sip with every scooted lap of the of the garden.
  • We don’t shy away from squash. He brushes his teeth morning and evening. He has very little by the way of sweet treats. So you know what, if he wants to drink squash all the time then he can. The only time I don’t let him is with his night time drink. Besides Robinsons Squash’d has no added sugar and is free from artificial colours and preservatives.

    Robinsons #EnjoyMoreWater
    Robinsons #EnjoyMoreWater

Actually actively watching how much he drinks has really helped me drink more as well, so that’s a serious plus! I’m definitely going to keep up with making sure he drinks plenty. More so now it is getting so warm and he is so busy.

Disclosure – This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons

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  1. Great to hear how you got on and lovely pictures. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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