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Rubik’s Junior Animal Range – Review and Competition

I hope the Easter Holidays are treating you all well. If the weather has had you cooped up inside you might be looking for something different to keep little hands busy. Rubik’s Junior have launched a great range of animal puzzles that may just give you a moment of peace.Rubik's Junior

We have been playing with these fun puzzles at home and they have proved a big hit. There are four animals in the range. A cat, dog, bunny and a bear. The bright colours and tactile shapes immediately appealed to L. He was twisting and turning them before I even had chance to explain what to do. Rubik's Junior

Initially his sense of order stopped him from really enjoying the puzzle element. He didn’t like them being muddled up and was only happy when they were all lined up in their correct animal shapes. He enjoyed the action of twisting them, but never really engaged with the ‘puzzle’ element.Rubik's Junior

After a bit of explanation and some testing of me, to ensure I could ultimately fix them for him, he was happy to really mix them up and try to put them back together again.Rubik's Junior

Obviously that square shape is gone with these Rubik’s Junior Animals, but the familiar colour stickers and twist and turn motion has remained. There are less combinations you can do with these, which makes them perfect for those younger children. Aimed at ages 4yrs + these are really good fun and provide a decent challenge. The solution to the puzzle isn’t always obvious and whilst I haven’t been completely stumped yet, some have taken me several minutes and different attempts to solve.Rubik's Junior

Each animal is split into 6 pieces and can be turned lengthwise down the middle and widthways at the neck and hip. As the segments are not square they can be a little awkward to line up correctly and allow that turn to be made but that adds to the puzzle. They really are very satisfying.Rubik's Junior

The fun animal shapes also make them a great gift for adult pet lovers, especially as it is National Pet Month. Admittedly I don’t know anyone with a pet bear, but the dog, cat and bunny do actually cover the majority of my friends. As you can see, even James cat loves them. Silly beast. But in seriousness, they make for a great stress reliever, fidget style gift for grown ups as well as a brilliant puzzle for kids.Rubik's Junior

If you would like to win one of the Rubik’s Junior Animals, just pop your details into the Gleam App below. (Note, the animal will be chosen at random.)

Win 2 Rubik’s Junior Animal Puzzles

Rubik's Junior

Disclosure – we were gifted our puzzles from Rubik’s in return for  review, all opinions are my own.

36 thoughts on “Rubik’s Junior Animal Range – Review and Competition”

  1. i love how they’ve made a toy suitable for younger children but still with all the fun of rubiks x

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for the prize and competition. Good luck everyone.

  3. My older son is obsessed with Rubik’s cubes. Little bro would LOVE to have one of his own!

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