Sambucol Immuno Forte

I’d tried so hard not to get ill in the run up to Christmas, it was no shock that as soon as the celebrations were over I got a cold and a sinus infection. The trouble is I still can’t afford to be ill. I was working solo to cover New Year, then it was my birthday and now the kid is back at school, I cannot take time off.

So it was back to the vitamins. This time I tried something new. Sambucol Immuno Forte. Sambucol is great for helping boost the immune system and recover from a cold, but also to help you stop getting one in the first place.


It comes in four different formats which makes it easy to take, however you like. I tried the liquid as I had a cough and the syrup helped, but also it’s the easiest way for me to take anything. I also used the Pastilles as an easy way boost my dose and use it throughout the day. You can also get effervescent tablets and capsules.

Sambucol is a well-known antioxidant for improving and boosting the immune system, Black Elderberry provides a distinctive mode of action called AntiVirin®, which helps protect healthy cells, inactivate infectious viruses and boost immunity.

For additional support, the Sambucol Immuno Forte range also contains added Vitamin C and Zinc, essential for supporting the immune system.


Both the liquid and the pastilles taste fruity and although a distinct flavour are actually very enjoyable, I liked it. The kid did not, but that’s hardly a shock, like I said, it’s a distinct flavour and though it’s perfectly suitable to give to children it’s not filled with sweeteners to make it palatable for them, which I like. They do a kids version though which may be worth the investment.

It halved my recovery time and was super easy to fit into my routine, I’ll definitely be keeping some to hand for the rest of winter and probably longer as I can’t stand summer colds either!

Disclosure – I was sent my Sambucol to try, no article was expected. All thoughts. opinions and images are my own.

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